South Carolina Pushes For ‘Right To Secede’ In Response To Gun Control Talk

By Jason Patterson | South Carolina

A group of Republican state legislators from the State of South Carolina shockingly introduced a measure on Thursday that would allow the state to secede from the United States if the federal government began to seize legally purchased firearms in the state.

It was first introduced on Thursday and would permit South Carolina lawmakers to debate whether to secede from the United States if the federal government were to violate the Second Amendment.

It reads:

“the general assembly shall convene to consider whether to secede from the United States based upon the federal government’s unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution if the federal government confiscates legally purchased firearms in this state.”

The measure was introduced by Republicans Reps. Mike Pitts, Jonathon Hill, and Ashley Trantham.

Since then gun control advocates have been calling for prohibitions on assault-style weapons and stronger background checks for gun buyers, among other measures.

The South Carolina bill most likely won’t make it through this session. It faces an April 10 deadline to go to the state Senate for consideration.

South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union in the lead up to the Civil War, withdrawing its Union membership in 1860.

To view the legislation click here.

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