Mark Zuckerberg Is Going To Be Questioned By Congressmen On His Payroll

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

On Aprill 11, Mark Zuckerberg will be questioned by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Lucky for Mark, this is the house panel that has received the most contributions from Facebook.

The committee has received over $380,000 from Facebook since 2007.

The Senate Commerce and Science Committee also announced that it would be questioning the social media CEO. Its members have received $235,000 in Facebook contributions.

Democrats have received 65% of the donations, while Republicans have only received 33% of the total $7 million payouts.

Exact statistics can be found here.

Facebook has come under fire lately for its involvement with Cambridge Analytica, an organization that played a role in the Brexit referendum and 2016 United States election.

Seeing as that Mark Zuckerberg fills the pockets of our lawmakers, it is unlikely that they will make him or his organization play by the same rules of the game as anyone else.

This is what happens when big brother gets in bed with big government.

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