Bring Down The State By Refusing To Play Its Game

By Austin Anderholt | United States

The state is an entity of evil and force, for its very existence depends on stealing from, locking up, and brainwashing its victims. I have involved myself much politically, working to denounce this evil. I have started social media pages that have garnered massive followings. I have written articles that have been collectively seen by thousands of eyes. I have repeatedly denounced the murder, theft, extortion, kidnapping, fraud of both the United States federal government and all other states.

My activism, while possibly insightful, has done nothing at all to help the dissolution of the stage in the long term. It’s possible that I’ve convinced hundreds of people that “taxation is theft” and that “the state is evil” but to what extent? Everyone will still submit to paying taxes and obeying the involuntary state out of fear.

I ask you this: How many more children will be bombed by the american government before you say It’s time to end this. How many more trillions of dollars must the american government steal before you say I refuse to put up with this! How many more millions of people must be locked in a cage for victimless crimes before you take action against the coercive state?

It’s time to act. It’s time to make an actual change. The American civil rights movement didn’t abolish Jim Crow by convincing racists not to be racist. They disobeyed the laws of the state that they saw were wrong. They were actively insubordinate to demands that they deemed unjustified.

Notice, the American civil rights movement did not fight back against their tyranny by committing a specific act. They fought back by refusing to follow something. Did Rosa Parks protest bus segregation by destroying a bus? Fighting a bus driver? No. She simply stayed out, refusing to obey laws she felt were wrong.

Clearly, the most efficient revolutions are revolutions that, rather than actively aggress upon their enemy, simply refuse to obey the tyranny that they feel is being placed upon them. This can be illustrated through many examples in history, such the carnation revolution, velvet revolution, cedar revolution, and tulip revolution.

These ideas show us that government can be swiped away through a matter of simply everyone voicing themselves against the state at once. A simple, short, dissolution of coercion. Mises, after all, did make clear that governments depend on popular support. Without it, they have no foundation to stand on.

That is why I’m calling for an uprising right now. Many of you might notice it’s tax season right now. Imagine if we collectively sprang up against government one day against the extortion of taxation. It’s time that we no longer sit here and theorize; any insubordinate action against the state will get us that much closer to a free society.

Any small act will go a long way. Refuse to further submit. Albert Camus once said “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” This is exactly what we must do. I have been inspired by the many civil disobedience protests against the state that figures like Adam Kokesh have done. It is now time for us all to do the same. Don’t pay taxes, smoke a plant, do whatever you want to yourself without hurting anyone else because you own yourself and the state doesn’t. 

Resist its power over you and live as a free human.

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