Proposed DC Law Would Lower Voting Age to 16

By Colin Louis | United States

The actions of March for Our Lives have led many to believe that youth are competent when it comes to politics. In turn, the City Council in Washington decided to consider giving the ability to vote to those 16 and older, lowering it from 18. The legislation was introduced last Tuesday by Charles Allen (D-Ward 6.)

In an interview Alex Shyer, a 16-year- old sophomore at Woodrow Wilson High School expressed his support for the idea. Shyer states,

“We work, we pay taxes, we care for family members, we can drive, we can do so many other things. So, adding voting onto that isn’t going to be that big of a responsibility. We can handle it.”

The law would make DC the First Nation in the country to allow minors to vote.

The last time a major youth movement led policy was during the Vietnam War when Congress lowered the voting age to 18 after widespread youth protest.

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