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By Owen Heimsoth | United States

As of right now, there is no Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York.

There used to be, until Libertarian candidate Larry Sharpe outraised New York State Assemblyman Brian Kolb three times over. Now, because of this, Kolb withdrew from the race.

Larry Sharpe is a rising star in the LP, he used to serve on the national board before resigning and he also came close to securing the party nomination for Vice President of the United States. As of January 28th, he had already raised over $100,000 for his campaign. More recent numbers are currently unavailable.

Just hours ago, he officially won the party nomination for his race to the Governor’s Mansion. He is a former Democrat and Republican but quickly joined the LP after attending a party meeting in his hometown. He is an exceptional leader and fundraiser in the liberty movement.

Recently, the hashtag #SharpenColbert has made some waves on Twitter after a petition gained traction with over 500 signatures to bring the Libertarian candidate on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

Sharpe hopes that an appearance on Colbert’s show would help garner him more attention. Though he has fundraised well, many do not know of the Libertarian Party, or of Sharpe, at all.

As of now, Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld have already endorsed Sharpe’s campaign. Other endorsements include several former Libertarian candidates including Dale Kerns and Nikolas Wildstar.

The petition is available to sign here.

Also, a more in-depth article on who Larry Sharpe is and what he stands for is available here.

At the initial time of writing, the petition has reached 906 signatures.

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