Police Want to Question Former Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Jeff Wood, a former Libertarian Party Gubernatorial candidate from Livingston County, Michigan, has recently had a run-in with the local police force. The county sheriff conveyed that he wished to “have a chat” because of comments on social media:

I fully intend to shoot police and soldiers with automatic weapons at some point in my lifetime. -Jeff Wood

Michael Murphy, the county sheriff, wishes to discuss the post with Mr. Wood.

We believe that he wrote it, yes. We want to talk to him to verify that. And we are working with the social media to verify that… It came from his profile on Facebook. Would it be out of the realm of possibility that somebody else had access to his profile or Facebook page? Unlikely, but possible.

Deputies in the county traveled to his last-known address, yet he does not still live there. They have since impounded his 2003 white Buick LeSabre, which has been there since April 1st.

Jeff Wood dropped out of his gubernatorial campaign earlier this year. His campaign Facebook page posted the following:

Due to petitioning shortfalls, we unfortunately have to announce that Jeff Wood is dropping out of Michigan’s Gubernatorial race and endorsing John Tater for the Libertarian nomination.

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