Parkland Teacher Tweets to Kyle Kashuv

By Jason Patterson | United States

On Tuesday at 2:19 PM, Greg Pittman a teacher at Stoneman Douglas High school commented and tweeted to a photo of Kyle Kashuv shooting a rifle in a range. Then, several back and forth tweets ensued.

“As a teacher from Stoneman Douglas, any student posting photos holding guns, knives or other weapons would be questioned. 4 federal cases have ruled in the last 10 years that assault weapons are not protected. Most gun owners would not hold their gun in this same posed manner” – Pittman commented on Kyle’s tweet.

Then, he went on and tweeted, “After the mass shooting at Douglas there is no good reason to post this photo holding the weapon period, was done in poor taste to generate a reaction period. You are entitled to your opinion but probably don’t live in Parkland so it is just another shooting somewhere else.”

Shortly after Kyle responded tweeting,

“Mr. Pittman, it was an illegal and unconstitutional detainment. See U.S. Code § 1983 and JDB v. North Carolina

1) the derogatory mentions of poliical beliefs.

2) the LEO in back of me holding my chair.

3) not contacting my parents prior

4) Calling me into a locked office”

This immediately sparked up controversy on both sides with the left wing defending his beliefs. On the other hand, the right wing claiming that he is not only against the 2nd Amendment but also the 1st. Greg is a American history teacher at the school and many questioned his ability to stay unbiased during lessons, and if he would properly teach the Constitution to the class.

Lastly, journalist Micheal Moates brought up that Kyle had to actually educate his history teacher on the history of the Constitution ( referring to U.S. Code § 1983 and JDB v. North Carolina )

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