Hereditary: 2018’s Most Anticipated Horror (Reviewed)

By Brennan Dubé | @Brennan_Dube71R

The most anticipated horror flick of 2018, helmed by some to be this generations ‘The Exorcist.’ Here is my review of ‘Hereditary.’

‘Hereditary’ has gotten a lot of buzz lately after the praise it has been receiving coming out of film festivals and early screenings. I went into this movie with high expectations and I can safely say they were fulfilled. ‘Hereditary’ stars Toni Collette and it follows a family’s journey following the death of Toni Collette’s characters mother. Out the gate I expected a film where the dead grandmother will come back to haunt and possess this family, but it was so much more and so very different from that.

‘Hereditary’ has some dark tones and very profound subtle suspense that it is able to instill terror inside of you without actually scaring you yet. The tone of this movie is set very early on and the films vibe and suspense never seems to let up. You constantly feel heavier and heavier as the movie plays out. Director and writer Ari Aster did an incredible job with this movie. His patient film making allowing the scenes to play out and the suspense to build in front of our eyes without rushing things at all was his key to success.

This storyline is not fresh nor original, it is rather unoriginal and something that has been played out many times before, but ‘Hereditary’ takes a completely different route from what we are used to and shines while doing so. The imagery and angles used in this film were absolutely stunning. They added to the tone and freakiness of the scenes and rooms in the home. To further applaud the designers and visual directing with this film I must say I found myself several times throughout this film applauding and taking note of just how top notch the angles used were. This factor played an important role in the film as it allows us to see things subtly in the background that help us to piece together this movies story.

‘Hereditary’ took some twists that I did not anticipate but nonetheless they all helped to create a further layer of fear and terror within the viewer. The cast in this film did a wonderful job, firstly Toni Collette is moving in her role as the mother of the family. Some of the more emotional dialogue she had to convey was really powerful and it helped to create suspense as well as sad touching tones when needed.

Alex Wolff, who plays the son in the family, also does a great job in this movie. I was rather impressed with his performance and I hope success follows him. The movies young star, Milly Shapiro, does a great job in this movie and this being her first feature length big screen release, I am even more impressed by what she had to offer. The first half of this movie is really quite frightening and it plants the seeds necessary to advance the story into the second half. I felt somewhere in the second half of this movie the flow began to lack and it got a little off track. Quickly however, ‘Hereditary’ jumped back on and continued to impress. The supernatural elements of the film did take me out for a brief moment but surely it polished itself up and got better as it progressed.

The big plus: The dark suspenseful tone mixed with layered storytelling and great performances from the cast leads ‘Hereditary’ to victory.

Where it lacks: The familiarity with the second half of this movie and unoriginality of the story is prevalent, but don’t fear as it offers quite a unique taste.

Score: 87/100

‘Hereditary’ is not groundbreaking, it doesn’t reinvent the horror genre… but it does tell a great story that I am definitely going to watch again. It delivers a perfect mix of unsettlingly terror that touches viewers on a personal and very emotional level. It puts a feeling in your stomach early on and this feeling will not escape you. It’s a smart movie that gets you thinking. For his first feature length film, writer and director Ari Aster made a gem that is definitely one of the best movies I have seen so far, this year.

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