Rand Paul Stumps For Nick Freitas In Virginia

By Spencer Kellogg | Virginia

On Saturday, Rand Paul was on a farm in Leesburg lending his support to Virginia Senate Candidate Nick Freitas. In a speech filled with the sort of constitution minded advocacy that has made him a national figure in the liberty movement, Paul railed against civil asset forfeiture and endless war before handing the microphone over to local superstar Nick Freitas.

Freitas, a former Green Beret who currently serves in the Virginia Legislature, went viral this Winter after an impassioned speech defending 2nd Amendment Rights before his House colleagues. In that speech, viewed nearly 11 million times on Youtube, Freitas challenged common myths regarding gun violence and gun control before questioning why gun rights advocates have been treated unfairly in their representation by the media and his peers.

The other side of this debate will accept only one ‘solution’ to this problem and that is tearing apart or gutting the 2nd Amendment. When the policies fail to produce the results you are promising to your constituents, you will be back with more reasons on why we have to infringe on 2nd Amendment rights. If we want to have an open and honest debate, I’m all for that, let’s do that. But it does start with a certain degree of mutual respect. It starts with a certain degree of not assuming that the only reason we believe in the 2nd Amendment is because the NRA paid us off.

Freitas is challenging frontrunner and Trump backed hothead Corey Stewart. Stewart narrowly lost a primary Governor bid to Ed Gillespie in 2017 and is known throughout the state as a firebrand who styles himself in the dreadful tone of Mr. Trump. Brash and proud to be divisive, Stewart possesses little of the intellectual strength that Freitas has shown in spades throughout the campaign.

In his speech on Saturday, Freitas was pointed in his critique of the sort of military interventionism that he saw first hand while serving in our armed forces. He told the story of a young boy he met who was caught in the crossfire of a proxy war he had nothing to do with and how the face of terror on that boy’s face had made him question our role in the war. His story spoke to the universality of all people, of our common nature to see loved ones in the faces of complete strangers and harkened back to the pluralistic visions of our forefathers.

Former Ron Paul Political Director Justin Greiss performed master of ceremony duties throughout the event. Antonia Okafor, Co-Founder of the women’s gun rights advocacy group Empowered 2A, flew out from Texas to pitch Freitas to the excited crowd. Okafor thanked supporters for standing firm on gun rights and laid a measured call to action: “If you are not fighting for you rights, you are losing them. There is no in between.”

The Virginia Senate Primary will be held on Tuesday June 12th. For more information on Nick Freitas campaign please visit: https://nick4senate.com/

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