Incredibles 2 Review: A Sequel 14 Years in the Making

By Brennan Dubé | @Brennan_Dube71R

After fourteen long years, we finally get a sequel to Pixar’s 2004 smash hit and award-winning picture, ‘The Incredibles.’ Let me say… this was a thrill to watch. Here’s my review of ‘Incredibles 2.’

‘Incredibles 2’ picks up right where the first leaves off following the cliffhanger ending and from there it really never lets up. This movie was a thrill and truly fun to watch. Brad Bird did a great job at constructing this movie and it truly was worth the wait, I didn’t feel an ounce of doubt at all during it. This truly felt like a deserved sequel.

Almost all the cast reprises their roles in this film with the exception of a few. Most notably a new voice for ‘Dash’ was cast due to Spencer Fox (voiced ‘Dash’ in the first film) reaching puberty and growing up. I was skeptical going into the movie and really hoping it wouldn’t sound weird especially because I just watched the first film before heading into theatres to see the second.

The new voice of ‘Dash’, Huck Milner, was a perfect choice and I was sold from the get-go. The main focus of ‘Incredibles 2’ is for supers to get back in the game and gain legal status again. Bob Odenkirk voiced ‘Winston Deavor’ who is in charge of the program that is attempting to get supers back up and running and he was great in this role. Throughout this journey, our beloved ‘Incredible’ family will have to win public support while going up against the newest villain, ‘Screenslaver.’

The graphics and animation art in this movie is absolutely stunning to watch and this truly shows just how far we’ve come over the last decade with animation advancements. My first praise towards this movie’s content definitely must be aimed towards its action. ‘Incredibles 2’ is a true joy and the action sequences in this film slightly exceed that of the first, for sure. No act of this film was slow or felt as if it dragged on and that is a big plus to this animated feature.

Craig T. Nelson yet again voiced ‘Mr. Incredible’ perfectly and his tones and touch always fit the characters build and personality to a tune. One of my favorite arcs in this movie is ‘Mr. Incredibles’ or rather ‘Bob Parr’s’ arc in which he must learn to parent and let his wife go on and do her hero business alone, as shown in the trailer.

This arc is one of the movies most interesting parts as it really adds heart and development to ‘Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible’ as well as the rest of the kids. It offers good comedy and it was within this arc where I found myself laughing the most in ‘Incredibles 2.’ It’s also around this time that we are introduced to ‘Jack-Jack’ and what he can do, and believe me this super baby steals the show.

He is so entertaining that this movie is really at its best when the now beloved ‘Jack-Jack’ is on screen performing his antics. Samuel L. Jackson is back reprising his voice role of ‘Lucius Best/Frozone’ and he is allowed a little bit more development in this movie which is awesome… because it’s Samuel L. Jackson of course! Jackson as ‘Frozone’ is a perfect fit and that cannot be clearer than here in this film.

In a positive light, some of the characters other than ‘Mr. Incredible’ are developed and explored in this film and that was pleasant to see. ‘Dash’ and ‘Violet’ both get some more focus in this movie and in my opinion, it was refreshing that they went in this direction.

Where I feel the movie didn’t hit all the same strings as the first one is its overall heart. ‘Incredibles 2’ while charming and exciting, didn’t offer that emotional touch we have been so accustomed to with Pixar films. The movie also had a weaker, more generic and less-layered plot as the first but still was very much a story worth telling. The execution and fun were all there but I felt a lack of that Pixar heart and magic that really sets its movies apart from other studios and makes them truly memorable.

The big plus: ‘Incredibles 2’ is definitely an extremely fun time and was well worth the wait. ‘Jack-Jack’ steals the show… definitely the big plus. 

Where it lacks: While extremely enjoyable, the sequel to the beloved Pixar hit is not as deep or layered as I hoped it would be.

SCORE: 84/100

‘Incredibles 2’ is a well-executed sequel and definitely a great visual experience. The movie is witty, enjoyable, super fun and has its laughs as well. New takes and paths they went down were positive and it gave way for ‘Jack-Jack’ to become an internet sensation. Surely this movie displays great action sequences and fast-paced movement all the way. This movie doesn’t have the same enduring nature as the first and its layers and plot are definitely weaker but this movie will have your attention from start to finish.

Box Office Forecast:

‘Incredibles 2’ looks to capitalize on its huge following and potentially open to a record weekend for Pixar. The animated superhero sequel will look to open to $125 million at the very least but some suggest this movie could make upwards of $150 million dollars. ‘Finding Dory’ holds Pixar’s record opening at $135 million dollars, so look for ‘Incredibles 2’ to rival that.

The comedy ‘Tag’ also opens this weekend and due to the fact that it features such a star-studded cast expect it to do well as the more mature alternative to ‘Incredibles 2’ this weekend. ‘Tag’ is eyeing a $12-20 million dollar opening this weekend. ‘SuperFly’ which opened on Wednesday, will look to garner $7-10 million in its first weekend. ‘Ocean’s 8’ will look to compete with a competitive box office and aim high in its second weekend, look for it to score around $20 million this weekend.

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