The Movie of the Summer: ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Movie Review

Brennan Dubé | @Brennan_Dube71R

Tom Cruise and company have returned for a sixth installment of the long running (6 films, 22 years) ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise. Who would’ve thought they’d save their best stuff for the sixth film? Here is my review of ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout.’

In the sixth film in the series we are reunited with Tom Cruise and his infamous ‘Ethan Hunt’ character, as well as the rest of the gang, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames. This film is directed and written by Christopher McQuarrie. This is the second ‘Mission: Impossible’ he has directed, the first being ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ (2015). Following all the hype mustered up by this film I found myself surprisingly excited to see it. I was able to see the opening day viewing and I was not disappointed. Christopher McQuarrie is the perfect director for these films as proven by two back-to-back successful films as well as this being, in my opinion, the best film in the franchise to date. ‘Fallout’ is a sheer epic. It has everything you want in an action film and it does it all perfectly. While giving the audience some intense and top-notch barrages of action, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie balanced in a very strong and clear pointed plot. This perfect balance made for a perfect action film.

Tom Cruise yet again delivers a strong performance and his stunts continue to be jaw-dropping. McQuarrie’s direction with these action sequences are perfect and some stunning and edge-of-the-seat scenes do happen rather frequently in this film. Henry Cavill is also in this movie and it was great to finally see the now infamous-stache on the big screen. I had my slight doubts in him at times during the movie but continuously with each and every passing scene Cavill seemed to just get better and better. He brought a lot to the film and definitely served a strong purpose. Simon Pegg is entertaining as always, as is Ving Rhames. Sean Harris is also in the film and he brings a good strong presence as the films mysterious villainous character. Harris owns the role and brings genuine darkness to the film.

What puts Mission: Impossible – Fallout head and shoulders above other action flicks is the insane and pristine camera work. Some of the shots that were taken during this film are absolutely stunning and I found myself turning to the person beside me admiring these shots on several occasions. This all made for rather grand and certainly epic scenes. The moment I left the theatre I was ready to turn back around and head back in for more.

While the story isn’t necessarily fresh, Christopher McQuarrie does a good job at telling this story and unfolding a very picture-perfect spy film. There are some characters I definitely would have liked to have seen developed more. As previously stated, the brilliance in balance within the film is truly unmatched and story is not compromised at the hands of over usage of CGI or cheap jokes. This is the quintessential action movie of 2018 and the summer blockbuster we needed oh so badly.

The big plus: Stunning visuals and camera work enhance this movie and take it to the next level in every way possible.

Where it lacks: The overall story isn’t the most original but the movie makers do a good job at telling it.

Score: 89/100

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ is my favourite movie of 2018, so far. It is the perfect action movie and it proves that you can make a good, engaging and entertaining blockbuster without all the crazy CGI. The stunts and major action sequences are top of their class and the performances are overall very well done. This film has the twists that will stun you and the intensity that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is the perfect action movie and definitely one of the better made overall films in a while.

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