Glenn Jacobs, A.K.A. WWE Wrestler Kane, Has Won The Knox County Mayor Election

Glenn Jacobs: a libertarian spokesman, WWE wrestling champion, and Republican candidate, has won the election for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.


By Michael Sutherland | United States

After years of anticipation, Glenn Jacobs, famously known as the WWE wrestler Kane, has won the long-awaited Knox County mayoral election. Jacobs, the Republican candidate, beat his Democratic opponent Linda Haney by a landslide. Jacobs won with 66.5% of the vote, a monumental win over Haney’s 33.5%.

Ever since Jacobs announced that he was running for mayor, his campaign has brought both media attention and support from his fans. Jacobs is very well-known for his wrestling career under the persona Kane. Starting in the 90s, Jacobs has won numerous championships, becoming a three-time world champion wrestler, which brought him both fame and a large fanbase. Because of this, his announcement that he would run for Knox County mayor easily caught the attention of the media. Jacobs has continued his wrestling career ever since, even during his campaign, and hasn’t ruled out wrestling as mayor, saying that he’d compete in any pay-per-view event that comes to Knoxville.

The great thing about libertarianism is [that] it really is the American Dream—it is the ability of everybody to live their life, to build their life, according to what they want so long as you don’t hurt anybody else.” -Glenn Jacobs

Jacobs, despite running as a Republican, has been an ardent supporter of libertarianism. He’s a strong opponent of government, taxation, and wasteful spending; promising to limit government as much as possible. His policies also include improving the school system, fixing infrastructure, helping the local economy, and maintaining full transparency. His biggest influences include Ron Paul, who he’s supported in the past, and Murray Rothbard, the famous Austrian-School economist. He has written for, a libertarian website dedicated to articles/blogs, and has worked with the Mises Institute, a libertarian think-tank. As mayor, his libertarian views of less government involvement and taxation could be very beneficial for Knox County, a place known for its many small businesses.

Once you come across Rothbard, it’s all over with.  The arguments he makes are so logical and they’re so faultless that you really can’t disagree with him.”

With Glenn Jacobs as mayor, Knox County is on a great path. A small government mayor could be just what the many small businesses and people of that area need. Knox County has a bright future ahead, and hopefully Glenn Jacobs will be a shining example for future politicians.

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