Russia Proposes to Work With U.S. in Syria

Eli Ridder | CANADA

Russia confirmed on Saturday that it offered to work in conjunction with the United States on Syria in regards to refugees and rebuilding the country.

U.S. forces in Syria (Arab network)

The proposal comes, despite current tensions between the superpowers, with a focus on a refugee camp in Rukban and coordinating humanitarian de-mining, Russia’s defence ministry said.

Moscow had sent a letter to Washington on Friday, reported on by Reuters news agency, who cited a U.S. government memo.

Valery Gerasimov, Russia’s top military official, said that Moscow was ready to hold talks on refugee safety guarantees for those stuck in Rubkan and finding them a way home.

Rubkan, widely cited as one of the most desperate refugee camps, is located in the far eastern Badiya desert near where the borders of Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

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