Libertarian Party LNC Secretary Denounces Socialist Entryism

By Mason Mohon@mohonofficial

On Sunday Libertarian Party LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos made a post to her public Facebook page denouncing Socialist entryism into the party. It can be seen below:

Within the post, there is a screenshot of an email sent from Ms. Harlos to the LNC business email. The email is short yet to the point, explaining that just as the LNC has rejected radicals from the right, they should reject radicals from the left.

After the events of Charlottesville a year ago, many libertarians became concerned with a “libertarian to alt-right pipeline.” This spurred action by the LP to denounce fascism, white nationalism, and the far right hate groups that were seen in Charlottesville. They did not want these people in the party and made clear that they would not tolerate them.

A year later, Harlos has sent an email that indicates the same should be done to the far left. At the bottom of the email are the hashtags “#nofarleft #nofarright #yeslibertarian.” These hashtags harken back to David Nolan’s political compass that set libertarianism as distinctly separate from the left and the right, giving it its own corner.


Harlos has made comments denouncing libertarians socialists in the party on her private Facebook, but those will not be shared here for the sake of preservation of privacy. When reached out to, she declined to comment on the matter.

What the results of the statements by the secretary will have yet to be discovered. It is unknown if this will lead to the party purging far-left advocates as it did with far-right individuals. Currently, the party has yet to do so, as the party’s socialist caucus stands strong.

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