Scholarly Socialism? College Kids Are Radicalizing The Left

Adam Birdman | United States

In the past years, college has failed to do its only job: to prepare kids for the real world. Instead of making kids into adults, universities have turned them into socialist snowflakes that melt at the sight of a Donald Trump Rally.

It’s that time of the year again when kids go back to college. A large amount of these students think that socialism is a good idea. 45% of college students believe that socialism is a better alternative to capitalism (only 42% prefer capitalism). Capitalism is the reason that these people are able to attend college, and aren’t forced to work in a factory until the day they die. These students almost always point to the “European socialist” countries. But there is one big flaw in this argument…that isn’t socialism.

True Socialism is why the poor, starving peasants of the USSR to wait in lines to obtain their “fair” rations. It is why Mao Zedong, the Chinese communist, killed more people than either Stalin or Hitler. Because of socialism, the average North Korean is shorter than the average South Korean, due to malnutrition. What these liberal students don’t know is that the socialism in countries such as Norway, Denmark, or Sweden isn’t even close to what socialism really is. If these liberal students want to talk about how great socialism is, maybe, just maybe, they should do some research first.

European socialism, which isn’t socialism, isn’t that great either. The left makes these countries appear better than those who have instituted capitalism by pointing to its low crime rates, it’s clean streets, and it’s free healthcare. What they miss though, is that none of these things are in fact free. In science, we know that you cannot make something out of nothing. It is impossible to create a car from thin air. One must make it from other materials. Following that logic, one cannot have free healthcare or a free college education without the funds for such services coming from someone: the taxpayer.

Taxation, which in itself is a form of theft, takes the hard earned money from the hard working individual. The far left agenda tends to call out certain free-market situations as unfair. Ironically, the very socialist system they believe in goes against the very definition of fair. Now imagine that this individual is you. Now your money, the money you earned, is going to support some crazed pink haired feminazi in earning a degree in gender studies which literally only qualifies said person for a job at McDonald’s.

The problem with these students is that no one is teaching them how to act as adults. They are wrapped in this cocoon that claims to protect them from evils. In reality, it weakens them. These kids are misinformed and are too lazy to research into topics to develop their own opinion on the facts. It doesn’t help that their socialist professors pump this propaganda on them. Or that all of their social media platforms present pro-socialist media. It is time to change this corrupt system. If we wait too long, our future generations won’t know how to be functioning members of society. Man up, and educate yourselves. You are your own best teacher.

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