Michael Waltz Bests Soderberg in House Race

By Nate Galt | United States

The vote tallies are in for Florida’s sixth congressional district (FL-06), and 71 Republic is calling the race for Michael Waltz, the Republican candidate. Waltz, a former Green Beret and Special Forces soldier, was facing off against Soderberg, a former White House diplomat who helped bring peace to Northern Ireland. Michael Waltz, as of 8:00 PM EST, has won 57% of the vote, with 69% of precincts reporting.

Democratic-leaning Volusia County was where Soderberg performed best, while Waltz fared better in majority Republican counties such as the part of St. John’s County in the district and my home county of Flagler.  Soderberg won a primary race against small business owner John Upchurch and a lesser-known candidate named Stephen Sevigny.

Waltz was pitted against Fred Costello in his primary race. Soderberg was endorsed by former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, and End Citizens United whereas Waltz received an endorsement from President Donald Trump. The seat was resigned by Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis in order to focus his efforts on the governor’s race. Before the election, polls showed that Waltz had a 7-point lead.  In the end, Waltz was victorious, showing that the predictions were right. Florida voters have spoken, and the results say that they want their representative in Congress to be a Republican.

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