The Walking Dead’s Ninth Season Has Returned the Show to Its Previous Level of Greatness

Brennan Dubé | @Brennan_Dube71R

AMC’s The Walking Dead just finished the first half of its ninth season and I can safely say this show is back to being great. It is no secret, seasons 7 and 8 received mixed reviews and were met with much dissatisfaction from many fans, and ratings saw a significant dip. While Jeffrey Dean Morgan offered an entertaining portrayal of Negan in those seasons, the overall writing and premise of the show lost its touch, and more importantly its charisma. I have been a fan of this show since I began watching it live in the fourth season after binging the first three… over six years ago. This show at one point was the biggest thing in TV pop-culture in North America, and while it still enjoys a great deal of success across the World, it has slightly lost touch here in North America with the last two seasons. I try to refrain from discussing TV too often as it is a World that is much more difficult to follow than film, but I must share my thoughts and continue to echo the message that is becoming louder and more consistent among the fan base and the average TV critic, this show is back to being great. New showrunner Angela Kang took the helm of this season and was faced with great difficulty regarding many complications leading up to it. The team promised a fresher season, it promised a better season and so far halfway through they have not failed to deliver on those promises. This is the first time in a long time that I can safely say that The Walking Dead has delivered eight, at the very least good, episodes to open up a season. Even in its glory days the show had an episode or two in the first half that dragged but with season 9 that is just not the case. What made the last two seasons hurt was how the writers developed the characters, or lack thereof. Season 9 takes fans back to the roots, what made this show great, and that is meaningful drama between the characters we root for. The show has really done a tremendous job this season at making characters who fell dry the last few seasons feel fresh, revitalized and absolutely more fun to watch. There is real development again, there is real thrill again and the new characters and arcs that have been introduced this season are all landing smoothly with great success. While this show still after nine years remains to be AMC’s number one show, it’s clear it probably won’t get back to the glory days when it was number one everywhere (ratings wise, that is), but this show is back in terms of quality and intrigue. I keep telling myself after every episode this season just how fresh that feels and I am officially hooked again.The Walking Dead has taken risks, managed to juggle many complications off screen, and introduce new characters that are interesting while still finding ways to freshen up the characters we know and love this season, and I applaud them for making it a success, so far. So, all I’m saying is this, if you are a past viewer, one who has turned it off, or one who just can’t seem to find the time to commit, give it a chance again… I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The second half of AMC’s The Walking Dead season 9 will premiere Sunday, February 10that 9pm EST.

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