Maryland Sheriff: “We Will Not Comply” With Gun Control

Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

We Will Not Comply, a Maryland gun rights movement has sworn to exercise civil disobedience against any new gun control bills that may pass through the state legislature. The interesting aspect of this group is that Wicomico County Elected Sherrif Mike Lewis is a supporter.

“If these bills pass, we will not comply”

According to Sherrif Lewis in a speech to supporters seen in a video posted to YouTube, he also promises that his department will not enforce these laws if they pass.

The Patriot Picket

The We Will Not Comply movement is a product of the Patriot Picket, a second amendment advocacy group. The group has made their presence known during votes in the Maryland state legislature. They sport We Will Not Comply t-shirts as well as voice their concerns.

Civil Disobedience

The We Will Not Comply members of Patriot Picket are taking a civil disobedience approach to the issue. They cite Rosa Parks and Dr. King as inspiration for their defense of the second amendment.

Jeff Hulbert, Patriot Picket co-founder, created a disturbance during a gun control vote in the House of Delegates. State Police escorted him from the building. “If it comes to me being in handcuffs in order to be a plaintiff and get in front of a judge and say ‘your honor, this is wrong’, I’m happy to do that,” Hulbert said.

“There comes a time in every society that if bad laws are passed, it’s your duty to disobey them,” said fellow Patriot Picket and We Will Not Comply member Paul Brockman.

Monday, a bill similar to HR 8, that extends background checks to private sales passed the Maryland House. Another bill would prohibit guns made with 3-D printed components and no serial numbers. The Maryland State Senate is set to move similar bills through as well.

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