Ben Shapiro and His Struggle as a Conservative Trans Man

Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

Ben Shapiro is one of the foremost conservative journalists and transgender activists. He sits at the table of LGBT political mavericks with the likes of Blaire White, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Caitlyn Jenner. Shapiro is widely known for his support of correct pronoun usage, access to surgery and hormones, and hormone blockers for minors. He also supports the breaking down of traditional gender roles and government assistance in providing binders and other transition gear.

Shapiro is facing a great deal of flack from the LGBT community due to his conservatism. Many have called him slurs, misgendered him, and tacked “Transphobe”, “Homophobe”, and “Racist” to his name. This year, he spoke at the Transgender Conservative Union (TCU) in front of a trans pride banner. He held up a sign that read “Proud to be conservative, proud to be transgender, proud to be American, #sameteam”.

Ben Shapiro Speaks Out

At the TCU, he spoke at length about how disappointing it is that his activism for trans people is undercut by politically fueled transphobia.

“We have come to expect this from the Left. Leftists, these supposed ‘tolerant people’, throw trans dissenters under the bus. Trans conservatives are no longer fighting the same fight according to leftists. We are just as bad as cis people. These leftists have even claimed I’m not even trans myself. A person who is on hormones, a person who has had reassignment surgery, a person who passes everywhere he goes. Well, guess what, Buster Brown: facts don’t care about your feelings.”

Left-wing trans people can do things such as advocate for GNC (gender-non-conforming) trans people and share experiences of dysphoria discrimination and violence that Shapiro can’t touch with a nine-foot pole. If he does, enemies will hit him with a wave of feelings and hate. But Benny boy doesn’t care. Even when faced with threats of doxxing and financial terror attacks, he has continued to speak up.

In the trans community lately, there has been a lot of discourse around who is and is not trans. This acts as even more fodder for transphobes as Shapiro sometimes presents feminine and sometimes presents masculine. He has done a lot of activism for the acceptance of feminine trans men. He says, “Trans men can wear makeup. My wife, who is a Doctor, knows everything about endocrinology and sex characteristics. She recently informed me that makeup does not, in fact, determine one’s gender or sex. Makeup is completely gender-neutral, and I wear it. I am still a man. Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

A Trans Man and Dysphoria Icon

Ben Shapiro is also an advocate of dysphoria awareness. Specifically, he raises awareness about height and voice dysphoria, which mainstream media seldom covers. As a 5’1 trans man with a 20000 Hz voice, these things matter a great deal to him.

In a touching confession at TCU, he says the following:

“Conservatives never had a problem with me. Steven Crowder, Dennis Prager, and Tomi Lahren have welcomed me as a member of their community. They refer to me properly because they respect me. The so-called ‘tolerant left’ is a complete lie. It turns out the left only likes you as long as they can use you. This ‘trans community’ has ignored and misgendered me because they don’t like my western values and conservative politics.”

Other Issues Ben Shapiro Supports

One of the issues Shapiro speaks out about, unrelated to trans issues, is his support for Israel. Ben Shapiro is a devout Jew. So devout in fact, according to Steven Crowder, that “he doesn’t turn on the lights after six pm on Saturdays. That’s how Jewish Ben is.” Shapiro has been personally attacked by the organization “Queers for Palestine” and slandered an “Islamophobe”. In response, he said on his radio show, “You do realize not only that Qu**r is a slur, but that the Palestinian government would throw us all off rooftops in an instant? You do realize how counterproductive and illogical it is to fight against the safest nation in the Middle East, right?”

Ben Shapiro, an FTM icon, should not be reviled by the LGBT community because of his politics. The LGBT community should focus on fighting against bigotry of all stripes. To achieve this goal, Shapiro has written a book titled, “Bullies: Dealing with Transphobia in the Workplace” designed as a tool to help trans people of all political leaning. TCU is promoting it heavily and it has even made the bestseller list of the New York Times. While writing, he worked in conjunction with the Instagram account @transbenshapiro to reach both cis and trans people across the nation.

Note: The points in this article are meant to be satirical and may or may not represent any happenings in the real world. Neither 71 Republic nor the author necessarily endorses any propositions made.

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