Killing All Radicals Will Maintain an Inclusive Society

Ivan Misiura | United States

Ushering in the new age of progress, we as a society have an obligation to uphold the virtues of democracy, tolerance, and justice. In the past few decades, we have traversed a harsh political climate to pursue an inclusive and tolerant society. We have seen civil rights grant people of color a voice in our land. Currently, LGBTQQIAA+ activists are fighting for equal standing in society and are making progress; without a doubt, we are entering a new age.

Despite all this progress, however, there stands but one thing in the way: extremists. From the KKK to oppressive bakers, Black Trump supporters to literally Hitler, opposition presents itself as a brick wall. Progress is coming to a screeching halt due to these extremists and only one option presents itself; we must kill all radicals.

The Problem with Extremists

The glaring issue is that these radicals, be it conservative or other, are impeding on the good work humanity has been achieving as of late. The majority of these people oppose democratic values, and when this occurs, everyone else suffers. A judicial system based on the whims of a pre-established document lends itself to kangaroo-court without exception. Without a doubt, the inclusion of those who hate everything we stand for in this society directly undermines tolerance itself.

Those of an intolerant disposition who use extreme methods for political and ideological gains threaten our values. These individuals wish to see everything we hold dear crumble and thereby push society into regression. Progress itself is under duress.

The Solution: Mass Killing

In this age of tolerance, these extremists need to know that they are not welcome. Unfortunately, there is no place for them if our society is to be one of inclusivity. If they refuse to cooperate, we have no choice but to show them our peaceful ways by force. Unity is the end goal, and there is no better way to achieve it than to separate ourselves from those who refuse to unite.

We must silence those who wish to overpower our voices and thereby strip us of our right to be heard. Confine those who disregard one’s entitlement to express oneself in a meaningful way. Repress all who wish to hold us back to a world of tyranny. We must snuff out their radical bigotry with extreme prejudice.

A New Way

My proposal is a simple solution that finally offers us an answer to our Nazi epidemic: mass elimination. We must take a stand as a progressive and civil society and refuse to tolerate the evils of the past. If need be, we will institute a curfew and hold public executions. These will deter insurrections from those who do not recognize the benefits we provide. A strong fist will certainly enforce the rigid diversity we expect of each and every citizen.

In the name of true justice, I call for preemptive strikes against even the most moderate of terrorist organizations that would revel in the downfall of our great democracy. At the discretion of our supreme leadership, patrols will be sent out to squelch any riots whose interests are to infringe on our right to free expression. We must target various white fringe groups due to their discrimination.

What I offer is nothing short of a utopia, a place where everyone is welcome and accepted, given that they also accept the standards set by the supreme leadership. It is a democracy of justice that deals with crimes even before they have been committed. A policy of inclusion so rigorous, only the most elite are accepted. This is the future, whereas intolerance is the past.

Note: The points in this article are meant to be satirical and may or may not represent any happenings in the real world. Neither 71 Republic nor the author necessarily endorses any propositions made.

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