War Socialism: The Parasite Killing America

TJ Roberts | United States

Socialism is not what comes to mind when most people think of war. War, however, is foundational to the survival of socialism and big government. War Socialism has become the status quo in the United States. The public faces high taxes. The government has enslaved our future generations by drowning us in debt. Government regulates business to death, leaving only its chosen favorites as survivors. Such a system would lead to civil unrest, so the vampire of big government creates its own industry to suck even more blood out of the people. This industry, of course, is militarism.

War Socialism Sustains the Welfare State

American policy rests on two platforms: social democracy (this can also be called democratic socialism) on the domestic front and “humanitarian” interventionism on the international front. The domestic policies, however, demand a hawkish foreign policy. Regulations on business, minimum wage laws, taxation, social programs, public debt, and every other government intervention distorts the market. This inevitably throws people out of work. Companies go out of business. Unskilled workers are not capable of finding work when wage controls make their skills insufficient. When companies go out of business, people lose their jobs. Some of these people are not capable of finding work afterwards.

So how does the government stop the economy from collapsing entirely? They make a new job “creation” scheme by bolstering the military industrial complex. Government will write checks to manufacturers that bolster the warfare state. America’s unemployed and those without the skills to succeed in the private market will venture off to secure an American Empire.

This, of course, will require even more taxation to be levied against businesses and private individuals. This leads to a crippled America in which businesses and entrepreneurs are the crutch upon which the welfare-warfare state stands. As the destruction of private business ensues and the welfare state overloads itself, the door to even more socialism opens. It is no coincidence that President Obama started five wars in his tenure as president. The war socialism he created lead to a corporate state the likes of which no one has ever seen.

The Welfare State Necessitates the Warfare State

As welfare increases, so do taxes. These market distortions lead to businesses failing, malinvestments, and a falsely reorganized incentive structure in the market. When the chickens come home to roost and the economy inevitably collapses, social unrest would ensue. The one way to prevent this without the state losing its power is to subsidize new government programs. This is why the government subsidizes the military industrial complex. Not only do the corporations that bolster American militarism grow, but also America’s sphere of influence massively expands. The Welfare State diverts resources to the government which leads to subsidizing militarism which falsely bolsters domestic manufacturing while also fostering American Imperialism.

One can call this social democracy. But a more fitting word is fascism. War Socialism’s rejection of basic economic theory and advancement of central planning, authoritarianism, crippling private business, and putting the state first demonstrates the fascist nature of the modern state. This has been the case since Woodrow Wilson and the progressives trapped America into World War I. This became the norm under FDR upon the enactment of the New Deal and America’s entry into World War II.

We Must Destroy War Socialism

War Socialism has destroyed individual rights and has annihilated private business. It is time to fight back against the Welfare-Warfare State. We cannot accept this status quo. So long as the current system is in place, it will get worse. Welfare feeds off of warfare, and warfare feeds off of welfare. These are the two pillars of the modern state that must take priority if we are to ever have a free society.

One way to fight both is to attack the central bank. The Federal Reserve and its destruction of honest money has allowed the state to grow in the way it has. If we had honest money, the American Empire would be impossible to afford. The welfare state would collapse. Government could not maintain its regulatory state. To take down the central bank is to take down the Welfare-Warfare State and to restore freedom in America.

Originally published on LIFE.

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