Gun Rights: Death By A Thousand Cuts

As much as I hate to admit it, they’re never going to just “come and take it”. Disarmament of American gun owners and the death of their rights will be a very gradual and well-disguised process. There obviously is not enough support for such extreme measures of gun control, given that 43% of all American households own at least one firearm. They won’t be coming for your shotguns and bolt action rifles and commonly owned handguns… yet.

Slowly But Surely, We Will Lose Our Gun Rights

However, slowly but surely, we will be disarmed. It truly is a matter of when not if. Every generation comes with more and more gun control. This is what I call the domino theory. Very similar to my views on government expansion, gun control will expand in the same fashion. Let’s say at X point in time, people agree (or a majority agrees) to a certain measure of gun control, even something as minimalistic as persons convicted of a violent felon and those under the age of 18 cannot legally own a firearm. The next generation will be split between gun rights advocates and gun control advocates. The former will advocate for maintaining the already existing measures of gun control while the latter will push for more. The former could continuously win, but at some point, the latter will form the majority and have their way. This is an inevitability and it will continue until we arrive at our current state of affairs today. And from our current state of affairs today, it will continue.

A History of Firearm Regulations

Prior to 1934, anyone could buy an automatic firearm, any capacity magazine, etc. Californians lost their open carry rights in 1967, the first of many. Prior to 1968, Americans could mail-order purchase a firearm. In 1986, the ATF placed tremendous strife, oversight, fees, and registration on firearm ownership. Today, since 2013 semi-automatic rifles, detachable magazines, standard capacity, magazines, and certain attachments are now under fire. Very gradually, gun rights in America are being subject to erosion.

A Well Disguised Beast

The National Firearms Act became law in 1934. This immediately followed Bonnie and Clyde’s killing spree. California passed the Mulford Act following Black Panther open carry protests. The Gun Control Act of 1968 followed the assassination of JFK. The Hughes Amendment in 1986 became law shortly after the North Hollywood shooting. And ever since the Columbine and Sandy Hook mass shootings there has been a continuous bombardment on gun rights.

The NRA and The Republican Party Are Not Helping

Republican then-Governor Ronald Reagan passed the Mulford Act. NRA Executive VP Franklin Orth supported the Gun Control Act of 1968. Republican President George W. Bush expressed support for assault weapon bans. The same goes for the next and current Republican President Donald Trump. Trump has not only encouraged California Senator Diane Feinstein to work on assault weapon ban legislation, but also signed the bump-stock ban into law. To no surprise, the NRA supported the ban right along with him. Trump, along with other Republican Congressmen like Representative Peter King and Senator Marco Rubio, have supported red flag laws and background check laws. “Take the guns first, due process second”, Trump said earlier this year following the Parkland school shooting.

The NRA and the Republican Party will never allow something like outright confiscation or complete bans on commonly owned weapons. Their base and support rely on the presumption that they do defend gun rights. But when they refuse to take a stand on other not as obvious perversions of gun rights, they are allowing this process to unfold. Someday in the future, our gun rights will be all but eradicated. The cause? Death by a thousand cuts. Slowly but surely, each generation will pass more and more gun control.

What Can We Do For Our Gun Rights?

The answer is simple. Do not compromise. Your rights are not subject to compromise. If you want to buy memberships and donate money, don’t give it to the NRA and don’t give it to Republican politicians who only support gun rights when it is convenient for them. Organizations like Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, and countless others are principled no-compromise organizations. They fought the bump-stock ban hard with lawsuits and appeals. They make it very convenient for you to get in touch with your representatives so you can voice your concerns with upcoming gun control legislation.

But no matter what, do not compromise. There is no “reasonable” or “common-sense” gun control because it simply doesn’t work and it only leads to more gun control. Take a stand.

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