Missouri’s Anti-Abortion Bill Sets Up Fight with Federal Government

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Missouri’s Republican state Senate passed a bill banning abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy. This includes cases of rape or incest, similar to the recently-passed Georgia abortion ban. The bill is not yet law, still requiring approval from the House and Governor. It is likely the bill will pass, as the House and Governorship are controlled by Republicans. This would make Missouri the eighth state to pass a comprehensive bill on abortion in the past few weeks.

Ohio, Mississippi, Utah, Arkansas, and Kentucky have also passed similar abortion bills. Kentucky’s bill was struck down by a federal judge, but its Governor is moving to appeal the decision. Mississippi and Ohio’s bills are similar to Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill”, while Utah and Arkansas voted to limit the procedure in the second trimester. What is causing this sudden wave of abortion legislation?

A Challenge to the Courts

Under the Roe v Wade ruling, these bills are sure to challenge the Supreme Court’s previous ruling. The Republicans who passed the bills know this. Kentucky’s bill has already been struck down by a federal judge and is an appeal process by Kentucky’s Governor. It is likely that this bill could be the one that finds itself being discussed in the Supreme Court, as critics continue the pressure. With a more conservative¬†majority in the Supreme Court, it begs the question of how it would rule on these bills. Critics of Justice Kavanaugh cite his appointment to the court as marking the “end” of Roe v Wade, thanks to the new Republican Majority. States may be passing abortion bills in an effort to overturn the Roe v Wade ruling.

A New Trend?

The abortion battle is only the latest instance of a state defying the Federal government. A series of battles have taken place over for a few years between the states and the federal government. One of the more recent battles has been Missouri’s passing of a bill to nullify all federal gun control legislation. This is one of many instances in recent years of states using their “states rights”. Many battles are currently being fought between the states and federal government and only time will tell the victor.

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