VIDEO: Kids Swarm Cop to Stop Him From Strangling Girl

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

A carnival in Norristown, PA turned ugly last week when a brawl involving more than 50 children broke out. Shortly after, police arrived at the scene. But rather than de-escalating the situation, they joined in the fight.

Videos from several kids’ phones have surfaced since the incident. They show one of the officers placing a girl in a stranglehold as she appears to struggle for both air and escape. Despite this, the girl’s mother insists that she was not one of the kids involved in the fight.

Cops Call for Backup, Defend Their Actions

In the video, the children try to swarm the cops, one of whom continues to choke the girl. When several other girls try to reach her, another cop punches a number of them hard in the face. Unsurprisingly, the girl then retaliates, trying to punch the officer back. As a result, he throws her to the ground, too.

As this unfolds, the cop holding the first girl by her neck is also landing punches on several other kids trying to approach.

Eventually, a third officer appears in the video. Holding a can of pepper spray, he repeatedly screams at the kids to “get the f*** back”, seemingly threatening to spray anyone who does not immediately comply.

Mark Talbot, Norristown’s Chief of Police, then tried to defend the actions of his department. He claimed that “the crowd ignored all orders by the police and continued to fight”. He later mentioned that “this is not a racist police department”.

Currently, the police officer who placed the girl in the hold is under investigation. While it occurs, he remains on duty with pay.

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