Hong Kong Police Assault Female Protester: VIDEO

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A video has surfaced on Reddit showing Hong Kong police physically assaulting a female protestor. It appears to show cops throwing the woman to the ground before another sprays pepper spray in her face from mere feet away. The woman held her hands in the air in surrender during the entire confrontation. Hong Kong is currently experiencing widespread political protests.

The Assault

The following video was posted to Reddit’s subreddit “r/Anarcho_Capitalism” by user u/jrlogicle. The user did not provide an official source to the video.

[videopress wOishNvP]

In it, the police are clearly abusing the protester. After shoving her to the ground, they doused her with an unknown substance, presumed to be pepper spray, from less than 5 feet away and directly into her face. Hong Kong police has previously come under fire from Human Rights Watch for their abusive tendencies.

The Hong Kong Protests

The assault comes during a period of mass popular upheaval, as thousands of Hongkongers have taken to the streets to protest a deeply unpopular bill. This video by Vox explains the conflict in detail.

Reports of similar physical assaults have surfaced as the crisis drags on. On June 10th, police cleared protestors from the streets, unleashing pepper spray and batons on the protesters. Eight officers and an unreported amount of protestors were injured on that day. Police later said the protesters had “damaged law and order” and that 19 people had been arrested in connection with the demonstrations.

The protesters have only become more resolute as the days of mass upheaval drag on, and the violence has accompanied the demonstrations like pesky flies hovering over a delicious slice of pie. According to the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, 72 protestors have been injured in the clashes with the police. So far, Hong Kong police have used teargas, beanbag rounds, and rubber bullets on the protesting masses.

After so many reports of violence, this new video comes at little surprise. The must wait to see what will come out of the movement, but history will forever remember the scars the tyrannical Hong Kong police left on the people of Hong Kong.

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