UAE Oil Tanker Goes Missing in Iranian Waters

Benjamin Olsen | @benpleasestop

A UAE tanker has gone missing after entering the Strait of Hormuz. Naturally, due to the Strait’s geographical position, Iran is the preferred suspect for the Trump Administration. The UAE Tanker turned off its transponder Saturday night and suspicions have currently reached their height.

The Deal With Iran

This development comes in the wake of heightened tensions between the US and Iran. Trump pulled the United States out of the Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal, accusing Iran of violating its conditions. Last month, several oil tankers were reported damaged while passing through the straits and the Trump administration again pointed to Iran.

Tension in the region has increased after the suspected seizure of a UAE tanker. If the tanker is found well, then the Trump administration would be facing a diplomatic embarrassment. 

The War Over Oil

Oil tankers have become the primary way to heighten tensions and damage a country’s economy. The AP reported that an Iranian tanker was seized off of Gibraltar due to suspicions that it was headed for Syria in violation of EU sanctions.

This does beg the question as to why Europe is enforcing sanctions on a non-European nation and, in the process, also making sure that other non-Europeans also uphold sanctions that they had no say in. 

Nonetheless, the seized UAE tanker is the latest in heightened tensions and leave many wondering what will happen next in the crucial waters off the coast of Iran. Iran has reportedly been open to talks concerning their ballistic missile program, thought the Trump administration has refused to speak with Iran on the issue.

The Trump administration famously tried this tactic with North Korea. The hard-line stance has opened talks with North Korea with the US taking the lead and making serious progress on the Korean Peninsula. Regardless, there is still a UAE tanker that is lost, and the world waits as nations point fingers.

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