“Audit the FED” Bill Co-Sponsored by Tulsi Gabbard

Indri Schaelicke | @ISchaelicke

Speaking to libertarian media outlet We Are Change, Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie said that Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard had signed on as a co-sponsor to a bill that would audit the Federal Reserve. Gabbard is just one of four Democratic co-sponsors to the bill, while there are 80 Republican co-sponsors.

Massie’s bill is called the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2019, or H.R.24. The bill authorizes the General Accountability Office to complete a full audit of the FED’s conducting of monetary policy. Many from across the political spectrum are looking forward to being able to finally expose the Fed’s mysterious dealings with Wall Street, central banks and governments. Opponents of the FED’s existence often cite the potential for corruption that comes with such a secretive agency as a reason to end it. This bill will find support among those who desire to see the truth unmasked.

Some speculate that Gabbard may have co-sponsored the bill due to her anti-war views. Libertarians link the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of the US Dollar to the wars that are fought abroad. They argue that without the FED, the government would not be able to finance its military pursuits. Gabbard, a Democratic candidate hopeful, has made a name for herself due to her anti-war stance. Her anti-war politics would be logically consistent with a push to audit and eventually end the Federal Reserve.

It will be seen whether the topic of monetary policy and the FED will be discussed during future Democratic primary debates, but Massie hopes it will. The FED and monetary policy are key issues to the Kentucky Representative, and no doubt he would like to bring the topic to the nation’s attention.

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