California Armed Homeless Citizen Prevents Robbery

Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

The recent mass murders in Texas and Ohio raise the questions: How can we reduce the death toll of tragedies like these? How can we stop tragedies like these? One possibility is the use of security guards. Another is the increase in police presence. However, another more subtle and possibly efficient solution is allowing people to defend themselves, allowing citizens to be armed. One case in California where an armed homeless man intervened in a robbery shows us what armed citizens can do.

An armed homeless citizen disrupted a robbery at a Norwalk, California donut shop. The armed homeless citizen was sleeping when two men entered the shop. Before completing the robbery, the armed homeless citizen drew his firearm. At that point, the robbers exchanged fire with him.

The entire event was captured on surveillance video. The armed homeless citizen chased after the two criminals. The assailants ran and one dropped his gun. The armed homeless citizen called 911 after the event. The police did not charge him with a crime since his story matched the events caught on video. However, he did have his gun confiscated since he did not have a California concealed carry permit. This does create a legal dilemma here because he did have a right to have the gun in his property and home. Since the man in question here is homeless, his person technically is his home.

The store had been robbed several times before and investigators could not tell if all robberies including the present one were the same culprits.

In this case, an armed citizen prevented a robbery, potentially saving lives. One has to wonder if more cases like this could mean fewer deaths in armed robberies or even mass shootings.

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