Bolton Fired: Trump Finally Cracks Down

Jack Parkos | @laissez_faire76

President Trump announced that he has relieved National Security Advisor John Bolton of his duties on Monday Night. Trump had stated that he had many disagreements with Bolton’s suggestions and  suggested that his services were “no longer needed.” Thus, Bolton has been fired.

However, Bolton says otherwise, claiming that offered to resign from his position. He claims Trump told him “Let’s talk tomorrow.” Trump still suggests he was dismissed.

Bolton and Trump had many ideological differences during his tenure. Bolton was a key player in starting the Iraq war, something which Trump described a disaster. Moreover, Bolton took a hawkish stance towards Iran while Trump was skeptical of war.

Some have thought that perhaps the breaking point of their working together was Trump’s decision to meet with leaders of the Taliban to works towards a peace agreement. Bolton was a key opponent of this decision and lead to its cancelation. However, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said there were “many, many issues” that lead towards the end of their partnership.

Trump had been growing tired of Bolton for quite some time, making witty remarks. Many of the remarks were joking about his eagerness to go to war, even suggesting there would have been 4 new wars if Bolton had his way.

Now that Bolton has been fired, there is no clear speculation as to Trump will choose to replace him.

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