The Ritual Sacrifice of Donald Trump

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Donald Trump may be on his presidential death-bed. Talks of impeachment following the Ukraine scandal lead many to believe the New York businessman is in his final days. Acid-wash the state of corruption. Hunt down those that look to foreign leaders to meddle in the American political process. We need pure, straightforward, old-fashioned democracy in the US. Or at least that’s what those who still have a degree of faith in the policial system say. However, Trump is nothing but a ritual sacrifice. Cutting out his heart on the altar of the holy democratic process would only serve to mask the hollow morality of Washington D.C.

D.C. is Decadent and Depraved

Washington D.C. is decadent and depraved. Nobody doubts it. That’s not a controversial statement. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, you recognize that the political system is full of Lockheed money and pharmaceutical wealth. Hoppe clearly explained that being a mere government caretaker incentivizes one to profit off of their opportunity. They are only going to be in political office for so long. Why would they seek to increase widespread wealth? A four to six-year term only promotes high time preference. Make the money you can with the time you have. Get a few good deals and you’re set for life.

Super PAC’s dominate the political scene. They allow the 1% to line the pockets of our representatives, giving the perfect incentive to disregard the constituency. The military-industrial complex made mad money off of Bush’s war on terror. James Wooley, a friend of Bush 2, did not waste the war on terror’s terrific opportunity for loading up on piles of cash. In 2018, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke, and Lindsey Graham all pocketed money from Lockheed Martin.

But I’m not going to waste too much of my time proving that the government is primarily a neo-liberal Ponzi scheme designed to uphold the elites and put down the rest of us. It’s apparent. It’s so unbelievably clear that it’s not even funny. But what does this have to do with the possible impending impeachment of Donald Trump?

Trump: The Sacrificial Lamb

“Power can stage its own murder to rediscover a glimmer of existence and legitimacy.” – Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation

Re-reading Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation in 2019 sends chills down my spine. The hyperreality was apparent in the ’70s and ’80s, but I can’t imagine what Baudrillard would have seen in today’s society. Everything that was plasticized then has undergone plastic surgery far past recognition now. It’s almost unbelievable.

What rings the most ominous is the discussions of the warping in political power surrounding Nixon’s impeachment. It looked like we were scrubbing the political of its impurity. However, we were merely masking the emptiness that fills politics today. Baudrillard said that Watergate was a “prodigious operation of intoxication. A large dose of political morality reinjected on the world scale.”

Donald Trump’s impeachment isn’t happening because Trump is a bad man and he isn’t fit for office. Sure, that’s the cited reason by never-Trumpers across the political aisle. However, the political needs a simulation of demise to keep itself alive. The political is supposed to be what organizes bodies of individuals into mutually beneficial relationships. It should establish a rule of law and keep everyone safe and prosperous. We pretend that’s what the U.S. government does, but that’s clearly so far from the truth.

From time to time, though, it’s important to dose the NPC’s with a good shot of political morality. To make them think that the political system is all that it’s made out to be, sacrifices must be made. It needs to look like the immoral is being rooted out to mask the true immorality that plagues our system. Trump’s Ukraine “scandal” is nothing but a theatrical event designed by government and media to prolong the existing power structures.

This is not to say that the events surrounding Trump, Ukraine, and impeachment are not happening. But the purpose of the portrayal of these events is to sustain what’s going on in D.C., not change it for the better.

Politics really seems to be nothing but a theater now. Trump must go so the system can live on. He’s the ritual sacrifice of the hyperreal hegemony we live under today. Even if impeachment doesn’t go through, the very act of seeking to wipe clean D.C. of the sins of Donald Trump is enough to uphold the fake morality of Washington D.C.

The political process lives on and we all lose.

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