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Donald Trump’s Monumental Mistake

Trump has sliced Bears Ears, which will prove to be a mistake.

What Will The New Normal Look Like?

2016 started a new transition period for society.

Walt Whitman Understood Identity. We no Longer Do

Society has lost its understanding of identity

While People Are Busy Tearing Down Walls, Some Governments Still Insist On Building Them

People are tearing walls down. Why must governments build them?

Avoiding The Either/Or Trap: Lessons Learned Losing My Religion

The church said it was all or nothing. I chose the latter.

At What Point Does A Parent With Alzheimer’s Cease To Be A Parent?

The struggle of losing family to memory loss.

Hey Bernie, A Basic Income Guarantee Is A Jobs Program

BIG will be cheaper in the long run, will drive up wages by giving workers the freedom to leave low paying jobs without risking everything, and it will enable those of us experimenting with potential new information age/gig economy sources of income to truly flourish.

Dreams Of A Post-Partisan World

America must find a path to post-partisan politics.

Tell Everyone You’re Mowing Less This Summer To Save The Bees

Make sure to take long walks and garden from time to time