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For America, Not Congress – Interview with Candidate Steve Porter

Steve Porter is the Libertarian candidate for Virginia's 11th Congressional district and is seeking to be elected for America, not for Congress.

Freedom’s Future – Interview with LPWI Chair Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson, LPWI Chair and gubernatorial candidate, sits down with 71 Republic's John Keller to discuss the future of freedom.

The Future of Florida – Interview with Alison Foxall

Alison Foxall is running for Florida State Assembly District Seventy-Two, and the special election is February 13th, 2018 and she believes the future of Florida is a free one.

The Time is Now – Hammond for WI State Assembly

Mike Hammond, a Libertarian living in Wisconsin, is running for State Assembly in District Six.

#LiberateSpringfield – Interview with David Williams III

David Williams III is now seeking office as the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois

Fight for Independence – Independent Ed Rushman for Congress

By John Keller | United States Ed Rushman, an independent candidate for California's 46th Congressional District, has had a career in as a technical manager, project manager, or simply as a professional services leader, advancing technology efforts. He has worked with companies from local to multinational size, from startups to Oracle, exceeding 130,000 employees. Ed ...

A Free Arkansas? – Interview with Candidate for Governor Mark West

Mark West, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arkansas, seeks to help both businesses and individuals.

The Battle for Free-Markets: Interview with Ryan Graham

Ryan Graham is a libertarian running for the Georgia Public Service Commission in Atlanta, Georgia. Get to know him!

Interview with Reese Wood for WI State Assembly

Reese Wood is the libertarian candidate forĀ  the 45th District of the Wisconsin State Assembly. He was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, and graduated from the University of Ashford. Other than running for office, he works for Vivi Media LLC. This interview was conducted to get an insight on running for office, as well as show ...

Compromise: Destroyer of America

Compromises often lead to bigger government and more restrictions of freedom. Liberty should accept no compromise.

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