Progressive-Imperialist Hegemony and Its Follies

teddy roosevelt progressive imperialism hegemony
Kevin Doremus | @k_doremus

Liberalism has been the dominant philosophy in recent debates about the role of the United States’ leadership on the international stage. A foreign policy of liberal hegemony or primacy has grown out of progressive-liberalism, where the US is an activist country to provide global security, global capitalism, democracy, and peace. The combination of universal liberal values with the unmatched US military power leads to advocates ignoring the historical and cultural contexts of other countries. The unintended consequences of progressive-liberal policies on the international stage is a rise of illiberal political movements. If liberalism does not become inward thinking, the belief in universal values may be its downfall.

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Niccolò Machiavelli: A Surprising Defender of Freedom

Niccolò Machiavelli
Jack Parkos | @laissez_faire76

When you hear the name Niccolò Machiavelli, you probably think of a man who advocated for tyranny. You probably think he was a man who advocated for leaders to become tyrants with no morals. In fact, the term “Machiavellian” has become pseudonymous with a schemer who believes the ends justify the means. In literature, he’s the manipulative character who schemes against people for his own gain by any means necessary.

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When Heroes From Our Childhood Disappoint Us

hero worshipping heroes expectation
Rafael Augusto B.L. de Oliveira | @ancient_scrolls

One of the hardest parts of growing up is finding out that those you used to look up to have flaws and insecurities just like you. The old saying, “never meet your hero”, rings true for those we used to look up to as role models. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Though the process is disappointing, it’s also a sign of maturity. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make the experience any less stressful or discouraging. 

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Drug War: The 5 Real Reasons it Still Exists

drug war psychedelics marijuana
Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Since 1971, Americans have been victims of the war on drugs. Nixon began the war on drugs to target anti-war hippies and people of color, and we still pay the consequences today. As polls show that over 62% of Americans support marijuana legalization and psychedelics continue to help those in need, we are left to wonder why this drug war continues. Isn’t the government supposed to serve us? Aren’t our representatives supposed to represent American interests? Or are there other, less immediately apparent interests at play?

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AMA Gun Violence Prevention Pushes a False Narrative

AMA gun violence
Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

Every time a mass murder happens in the United States, the American Medical Association (AMA) raises the accustomed political narrative. They push the usual anti-second amendment, anti-gun rights commentary as a means to prevent gun violence. But for physicians, taking care of assailants as patients, therefore preventing harm to victims, is always the best offense.  The AMA takes every opportunity to politicize their so-called representation of physicians and patients. The AMA misses the chance for dialogue and true gun violence prevention of any kind – small or large.

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