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Proposed Changes to America’s Nuclear Policy Means Congress Needs to Act

The Time For Reviewing Our Nuclear Policies Is Now

The Problems With Police & Their Unions

For Justice to stand, everyone must be equal under the law. No president, soldier, officer, or king should get any extra privileges under the law.

Rodman Was Right

Former NBA Star Vindicated Ahead Of Peace Summit

Murphy: I Support ‘Real’ Second Amendment

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy clarifies his position on gun rights

Faith and Love: Rand’s Critical Error

Ayn Rand's objectivism wrongly disregards faith and love.

From Fantasy to Reality: Social Ranking

Social ranking systems are becoming dangerously close to reality.

Japanese Agency Orders Crypto Exchange to Improve Itself

Japan is forcing crypto exchanges to improve their operations to meet government standards.

Parkland Teacher Tweets to Kyle Kashuv

A tweet battle involving a Parkland student and teacher.

Police Want to Question Former Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate

Jeff Wood is being searched for by local police for controversial social media comments he has made.

North Korea: Dead in the Water

Is Peace in the Korean Peninsula Even Possible?