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Men’s Issues: Forgotten victims

Peyton Gouzien | @PGouzien

Gender issues have been a mainstay of conversation in our society. This began in the early 1900s with the Women’s Suffrage movement, starting the “waves” of Feminism. Now we’ve reached the third wave of Feminism. They focus on the issues of sexual assault, sexual liberation, reproductive rights, and the gender pay gap. Critics of the wave feel it is possible the feminist movement has gone overboard in the quest for equality. Some will even argue they have already reached it. While on the other side Men’s issues rarely receive mainstream attention. Some in the Feminist movement will even view them as actually a women’s issue. This has caused a sense of disenfranchisement within men, leading to them forming their own organizations to solve their issues.

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Suppressors: Trump’s Next Infringement

Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

On May 31st, 2019, a shooter open fired and killed 12 in Virginia Beach’s Municipal Center. The shooter used two pistols to carry out this attack. Both of the shooter’s handguns were .45 caliber and legally owned and purchased. USA Today reports that the shooter attached a suppressor to at least one handgun. Police responded to the scene which led to a “long gun battle” in which the shooter was killed.

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Obamacare Failure Proven in Recent Poll

Dr. Warren Albrecht | United States

Imagine if Barack Obama said during the debates with John McCain in 2008 that people in rural America “struggle with experiences in areas of life that carry major consequences, including financial insecurity, housing problems, trouble accessing affordable, quality health care, and a lack of high-speed internet access”.  One would think that the Bush presidency was a failure. But this quote is indeed the summary of Life in Rural America, Part 2. Obamacare is indeed the failure.

The US News and World Report and others including the American Medical Association have publicized the findings of a series of polls performed by the cooperation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, National Public Radio and The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Reading through the press release or other publications, problems with healthcare seem to be the take-home message.

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Social Media Censorship: Platform or Publisher?

Mike Ottavio | @MadMikePolitics

Times change but our rights do not.  This sentiment, repeated mostly by conservatives and libertarians, aims to show that no matter what changes in our society, our rights should always stay the same.  This is a good mindset for any freedom loving individual. But what happens when society changes so much that the way we enforce these rights change? No, we aren’t talking about guns. We are talking about the mother of all rights, freedom of speech. More specifically, we are talking about how it is threatened on social media.

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Blue Laws: The Useless Government Alcohol Blunder

Jack Shields | United States

I recently had to get training to be allowed to sell alcohol and tobacco products for my job. At first, I was fine with the concept of requiring someone to be trained for such a thing. These are products that should not be in the hands of children, thus justifying government involvement. But the concept of not selling such goods to children was a minor part of the training.

A large part of it was concerned with when I could sell certain types of alcohol. On Sunday I could not sell any before noon. In addition, we had to stop selling it at an earlier time than on other days. Not only that, there were certain types of alcohol we could not sell at all that day. It was the first time I have had to deal with the ridiculousness of blue laws. Obviously, the government ought to repeal such laws.

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