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Conservation Offers Reasons For Conditional Optimism, But We Seem To Prefer Feeling Glum

Why is it that humanity prefers pre-emptive sadness about the state of the environment, rather than working towards conservation and a better future?

Raleigh Police Demand Google Release GPS Data Of Users Near Crime Scenes

North Carolina Authorities Use Courts To Access Cell Data

Maryland Shooting Proves Necessity of Armed Security

The Bravery Of An Armed SRO Saves Lives In Maryland School

Winter Is Pub Season, But The Rest Of The Year Belongs To Nature

As the frigid winter comes to an end, it is nearly time to experience nature once more.

Post Election Analysis and Exclusive Interview with Drew Miller

John Keller | United States Drew Miller, former candidate for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, spoke with 71Republic in this exclusive post-election interview. Drew Miller received 1,378 votes - more than the margin Conor Lamb won by. The GOP is pushing for a recount and many are criticizing Drew Miller for "handing the election" to Conor ...

UMBC Retrievers Fetch UVA Cavaliers In The Greatest Upset In NCAA Tournament Basketball History!

In the greatest upset in the history of NCAA basketball, the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Retrievers defeated the University of Virginia (UVA) in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The game, held in Charlotte North Carolina, saw the number-one ranked and top overall seed the Virginia Cavaliers shellshocked by a fearless UMBC, ...

Essentialism: The Mother of All Linear Thinking

Our gut tells us people, groups, and objects have essences. Our intuition is dead wrong.

Breaking: Trump Set To Talk Denuclearization With North Korea

The President Is Set To Sit Down With Kim

Hooked on Freedom: Drug Abuse, Personal Responsibility, and Libertarianism

Why freedom must be coupled with individual moral responsibility

Are You Getting Enough Awe in Your Experiential Diet?

Between learning about a thing and experiencing it there is a fine line

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