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The Milgram Experiments and What They Teach Us

Andrew Lepore | United States

In 1942, following the invasion of Poland and its defeat by Nazi Germany, Polish diplomats sought refuge in Great Britain. That year received a secret message from their occupied homeland confirming the Jewish genocide at the hands of the Nazis. Rumors of such an atrocity had been circling for years, but with this came the first official confirmation. Newspapers and journals from around the world reported headlines such as  “MASSACRE OF JEWS—OVER 1,000,000 DEAD SINCE THE WAR BEGAN” and “NAZI SLAUGHTERHOUSE”—GERMANS MASSACRE MILLIONS OF JEWS IN EXTERMINATION DRIVE”.

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Jailed Girl Scout Cookie Samaritan Proves Drug War is Absurd

Josh Hughes | @joshh51099

Soon after being heralded as a generous, kind-hearted man, South Carolinian Detric McGowan was arrested on counts of federal drug charges, the Drug Enforcement Agency has announced. A resident of Greenwood, South Carolina, McGowan’s story recently went viral on social media following a post by Kayla Dillard of Girl Scout Troop 1574 of Upstate South Carolina. The post alleged that McGowan bought upwards of $500 worth of Girl Scout cookies, telling the girls, “I’m taking them all so Y’all can get out of this cold.” The post was shared and liked by thousands of people across multiple platforms as of Monday, but by Tuesday afternoon news surfaced that he, along with 10 others, had been a part of a major drug bust.

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Automation and Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Kevin Damato | @KevinCDamato

Automation and artificial intelligence may be two of the most intriguing and frightening words in the dictionary. Simply speaking these terms stirs up a lot of varying emotions. To a computer programmer, excitement might ensue, and for a truck driver, pure anger. How could two words create such strong feelings? The simple answer is that with automation and AI comes the controversial concept of change.

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Psychedelics: A Historical Account of Use and Rejection

Dane Larsen | @_danebailey

Decriminalization of historically denounced psychedelic drugs, which alter the state of consciousness, is more prevalent than the public often sees. This ties back to religious and transcendental experiences that played a role in human evolution. The scope goes as far back as 7,000 years ago to the first ideas of “Big Gods” and anything of that nature, as Ishmael Apud, Professor at Universidad de la República de Uruguay, analyzes. It occurs in primary documents of the ancient civilizations and modern scientific studies alike.

From the research, it is clear that psychedelics have had a prominent place in society for thousands of years. In fact, only the arbitrary regulations of governments of the Church have barred the use of such drugs. Governments have taken this position to save citizens from themselves. However, the history of psychedelics presents evidence of beneficial effects on the body, individual, and society. Continue reading “Psychedelics: A Historical Account of Use and Rejection”

Nationhood and Social Cohesion

By Kevin Doremus | United States

Ideas of closed and open borders have dominated topics on migration in the American context.  The debates focus on what immigration policies should be instead of focusing attention on what is occurring in the international system. Questions of western identity infuse themselves into the discussion.  Western societies are gripped by the conflict between differing conceptions of the nation and idealism.

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