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The True Factor of Poverty

The epidemic of poverty can be best explained by factors like marital status and attributed to minimum wage laws, not capitalism.

Puppets: Myanmar Puppet

Puppets of Parasites: Escaping the State is Impossible

In today's society, the state reduces citizens to puppets, making it impossible to live with a clean conscience.

Oath of Enlistment Occurring

The Military Oath of Enlistment is Self-Contradictory

The Oath of Enlistment that all soldiers swear by proves they're chained to the executive branch.

Free food in a bad economy

A Bad Economy is the First Step Towards Tyranny

From the dustbin of history, tyranny always lurks.

Less Is More: Building a Video Game in a Sandbox built on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

For many, the emotions experienced by the mere mention of “cryptocurrency” is one of fear and uncertainty, brought about predominantly by a lack of understanding of Blockchain technology, coupled with a repetitive message from antiquated mainstream media.

We Could Survive Without Speed Limits

Speed limits are immoral and ineffective, and are simply not necessary for the safety of a free society.

Jesus at the Last Supper.

No, Jesus Was Not a Socialist

Despite what many believe, Jesus was not a socialist, as socialism requires coercion, which Jesus universally opposes.

Canadian Envoy Kicked From Saudi Arabia, Trade Frozen

Saudi Arabia has reacted to a Canadian statement condemning human rights in the country.

Venezuelan President Survives ‘Drone Attack’

Officials confirmed that an attack was carried out against President Nicolás Maduro.

Ripple And Bill Clinton Are A Match Made In Heaven

The Former President Is Set To Speak At Cryptocurrency Event