No, Sitting For The Pledge Is Not Disrespectful To Anyone

Sitting for the pledge is not disrespectful to anyone who fought for it, it is but a sign of freedom and solidarity against the state.


The Future of Florida – Interview with Alison Foxall

Alison Foxall is running for Florida State Assembly District Seventy-Two, and the special election is February 13th, 2018 and she believes the future of Florida is a free one.


Capital Gains is Hurting Cryptocurrency

Just how dangerous is the capital gains tax for the crypto market, and should this tax be abolished?

The Time is Now – Hammond for WI State Assembly

Mike Hammond, a Libertarian living in Wisconsin, is running for State Assembly in District Six.

Trump Jr.’s Wife Rushed To Hospital

Vanessa Trump, wife of Donald Trump Jr., has been rushed to hospital after opening an envelope containing white powder at her residence in New York.


GlobaLeaks: The Software Enabling Secure and Anonymous Whistleblowing Initiatives

GlobaLeaks want to protect those who would like to leak the information they have.


Disobeying Authority: The Key To Human Progress

Disobedience is the most powerful tool for fighting the evil of man and progressing humanity forward.


Kentucky’s District 6 Could Shake Up National Politics

This election will actually be very important for both the Republicans and the Democrats not just in Kentucky, but on the national level.


California Creates New Protections For Journalists

Journalist Protections Act will make it illegal to violently interfere with journalists.

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