1 Killed In Times Square Crash

By James Lakin | UNITED STATES (71 RepublicBreaking) On Thursday, Mr. Richard Rojas got behind the wheel of his Honda Accord, drove to Times Square, and drove his vehicle through a protective barrier, killing 1 and injuring 20. Mr. Rojas reported that he thought the world was going to end and went on to state "I ...

Ron Paul and His Impact on the Libertarian Movement

For many years Ron Paul has been a figurehead for the Libertarian movement, casting great influence over just about every sect of Libertarianism

Split Down the Middle: A Brief Overview of Libertarians on Immigration

Libertarians fall on both sides of the aisle on many issues in the political sphere, and immigration is no exception

Is Our Society Still Racist?

names such as Emily Walsh and Joe Baker were 33% more likely to get a call back than names such as Lakisha Washington or Dantel Jones

James Comey Report

May 9, 2017 was the last day that James Comey was in his position of F.B.I Director.

Special Ops Soldier Killed

By James Lakin| AFGHANISTAN (71 RepublicBreaking) A soldier in an Afghanistan counterterrorism operation was killed late Saturday according to a recent press release. The soldier was doing a routine operation against the terrorist group Khoroson. The US military routinely fights the ISIS affiliate which is based in Afghanistan. Munir Ahmad Farhad, who is a spokesperson ...

Why Action In Syria Was Justifiable

The recent attack on Syria carried out by the Trump administration has left many people at odds with each other with regards to whether or not it was justifiable

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