How a Libertarian Republican Almost Beat Ike in the 1952 Presidential Primary

Turns out Eisenhower almost lost to Ohio Senator Robert A. Taft, a prominent libertarian and the Senate Majority Leader in 1953.

Trump and Putin Talk 2016 Election, North Korea, and a Cease Fire in Syria

Friday morning President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Employment at Record High with High Demand for Jobs and Recruiters

With the unemployment rate at a more-than-a-decade low and job openings at a record high, workers in every sector are becoming valuable

Sexual Harassment Hurts Women and the Future of the Tech Industry

By Austin Cherkas | USA Picture this: you go to college to get a degree in an industry that the people in that industry are very different than you. You get your degree and join the workforce. You love your job, and over the years you acquire a large amount of success. Then suddenly, you ...

Walter Shaub, Ethics Director, Resigns

Ethics are a staple in American life and life all around the world. Many look up to our leaders to set an example. Ethics are such an important quality in American politics, so much so that we established the Office of Government Ethics

We the People, Our Bill of Rights, and Why We Should Care: Part 2

Broadly speaking, the Second Amendment protects two distinct rights

Austin Petersen Announces Senatorial Run

This 4th of July was an important one, both for Austin Peterson and the rest of Missouri. Petersen announced that he was running for the Senate, and running as a Republican.

There is no “Right Way” to Spread Liberty

There is no more noble worldly cause that of advancing the values of liberty and individual autonomy.

Why America is and Always Has Been Great

Today, July Fourth, 2017, marks the 241st anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

China and Russia: A Worrying Relationship

Although China and Russia have historically been geopolitical rivals, it appears as though the countries are reaching out to each other economically.


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