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You Libertarians Benefit From the State!

Yes, Libertarians sometimes benefit from the state. This does not take away from the ideology

Nikolas Cruz Pointed Gun at Family, Report Says

Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz had a violent past.

America Is Becoming Rome, And Rome Fell

We should learn from Rome's mistakes and use it to better the future.

Childish Gambino Inaccurately Portrays American Culture

Childish Gambino's most recent video does not paint a true picture of America

With Infinity War Behind Us, What Film Will Next Take the Box Office by Storm?

Several other big movies will follow Marvel's 'Infinity War' to success this summer.

Don’t Like High Drug Prices? Blame the FDA

The FDA's cronyism is the real cause of high drug prices.

The US is Ready to Accept a Moderate Party

America is ready for a third, moderate party.

The Wide World of Unregistered Firearms

Individuals can easily avoid firearm registration.

Government is Simply a Massive Scam

Government is simply not worth the costs.

While People Are Busy Tearing Down Walls, Some Governments Still Insist On Building Them

People are tearing walls down. Why must governments build them?