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The Art of Pursuing Knowledge

If we want to continue progressing as a society, we must be able to develop an understanding of different views and opinions.

SaS Slovakia Richard Sulík

SaS and Richard Sulík Are Closest to Freedom in Slovakia

Though they have a number of clear flaws, the SaS Party in Slovakia is generally oriented in the right direction toward freedom.

Legalize marijuana legalization it

2019 Is the Year to Legalize Marijuana

Following a successful 2018, during which several more states lifted bans on marijuana, who will be the first to legalize it this year?

George Mason

George Mason: The Forgotten Founding Father

Though he did not sign the Constitution, George Mason should be remembered as a hugely influential figure in early American history.

Gun store Oregon gun law

Proposed Oregon Gun Bill: Ineffective and Oppressive

The newest piece of gun control legislation, originally proposed by students in Oregon, would cripple the rights and safety of over a million gun owners.

Kennedy signs bill Cuban Project

The Cuban Project: Is the U.S. Willing to Kill Its Citizens?

Declassified Pentagon documents show that American public officials were willing to go to disturbing lengths to provoke a war with Cuba.

Adam Kokesh 2020

Adam Kokesh Begins Presidential Campaign, Gets Arrested

After organizing a "Book Bomb" in New Orleans and dealing with some harsh police backlash, Adam Kokesh has jumpstarted his presidential campaign.

Trump burgers hamburgers fast food

The Trump and Clemson Hamburger Party Is a Non-issue

While serious issues grip our nation, media has taken an undeserved vacation to write on the semantics of the Clemson Hamburger Party.

webster bank ned lamont

CT Gov. Ned Lamont Had a Brilliant Plan, but He Killed It

Ned Lamont is teaming up with Webster Bank to aid federal employees during the shutdown, but is the government side holding back the plan's success?

Learning school gpa 4.0 class

Some Thoughts on the True Importance of Grades

The true measure of a well-rounded education is below 4.0, as many students with mediocre grades but creative minds are quite successful.