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The Tyranny and Failure of Coercive Paternalism

Coercive Paternalism, the ideology that is responsible for government intervention in our daily lives, is flawed and neglects the rights of the individual.

The First Step Act: A True First Step in Criminal Justice Reform

“Criminal Justice Reform” is a god-term, meaning it invokes an immediate, positive, and powerful response from a listener. Fortunately, the First Step Act does not fall into the trap.

Medical Marijuana and Rainbow

The U.S. Stance on Marijuana Is Contradictory

Though alcohol and opioids are both far more dangerous, the U.S. government lets those remain legal while criminalizing marijuana.

Kratom tree schedule one narcotic

The Nationwide Ban On Kratom Will Be Deadly

Though kratom is a safer alternative to opioids and saves lives every year, the state wants to schedule it as a Schedule One narcotic.

The Libertarian Party: A History From Hospers to Johnson

A brief history of how the Libertarian Party went from a small, meaningless group to a rapidly growing third party option for those inclined to liberty.

Christie Could Be Worse on Marijuana Than Jeff Sessions

The former Governor of New Jersey takes a tougher stance on marijuana than the previous Attorney General did and could be a foe for legalization advocates.

LSD Microdosing Tab

How You Can Be in the World’s First LSD Microdosing Study

The world's first study analyzing the possible health benefits of LSD microdosing is here. Here's how you can be a part of history.

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VIDEO: Utah Senator Eats Weed Gummy Bears

Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis eats marijuana gummy bears on video.

Drug tests

New Bill Would Authorize Drug Tests for Congressmen

Rep.Clay Higgins of Louisiana's proposal would create randomized drug tests for Congressmen, but opponents criticize the move as a political gimmick.

John Legend of Free America

John Legend’s “Free America” Is Helping Addicts

The famous entertainer, understanding the absurdity of imprisonment, created Free America in order to end the stigma surrounding addicts.