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Will Trump Take Down The Fed?

Our President narrows all of our economic issues down to only one problem: The Fed.

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Ron Paul: Exempt Cryptocurrency from Capital Gains

Former Representative Ron Paul is calling on lawmakers to exempt new age cryptocurrency from coercive capital gains taxes and audit the fed.

President Trump, We Can’t Just “Print More Money”

Printing our way out of a massive debt is not only economically infeasible, but will worsen the ongoing crisis and thrust the economy into a recession.

Deflation: The Cure to the Economic Crisis of Government

Inflation must come down eventually. And the only way to do that is through deflation. This is not to be feared but celebrated.

Austin Petersen Is Bitcoin’s Best Chance In Congress

Senate candidate Austin Petersen continues to embrace cryptocurrency ahead of hotly contested primary.

Bitcoin Is Not Dead

They Can't Kill The King

Switzerland’s Long Fight for Fiscal Policy Independence

Switzerland is trying to return to the gold standard.

Rand Paul Critical Of Trump Trade, NSA & Fed

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul lashes out at President Trump on trade policy

South Africa’s New President Plans To Seize White Farmland

Ramaphosa Suggests Extreme Policy Changes After Winning Presidency in February

Jerome Powell: The Name All Libertarians Should Remember

Jerome Powell currently sits as the largest threat to libertarians in this nation.