Tag: Freedom

A True Libertarian Opposes Abortion

Abortion is antithetical to the idea of liberty

Italy’s Populist Government Materializes

Italy has reached a coalition government deal, leading the European Union to face an uncertain future.

A Look at Finland’s Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income is not the failure many make it out to be

The Wide World of Unregistered Firearms

Individuals can easily avoid firearm registration.

Bitcoin At $64,000 Next Year? Don’t Rule It Out.

A firm predicts a massive spike in Bitcoin's price.

Government is Simply a Massive Scam

Government is simply not worth the costs.

While People Are Busy Tearing Down Walls, Some Governments Still Insist On Building Them

People are tearing walls down. Why must governments build them?

From Fantasy to Reality: Social Ranking

Social ranking systems are becoming dangerously close to reality.

Minimum Wages Only Hurt the Economy

The existence of the minimum wage is bad for the economy

What does California’s Success Say About the Free Market?

California's economic success is largely due to free market principles.