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Venezuelan Libertarian: The Ron Paul Institute Is Wrong

Franklin Camargo | Venezuela

There is a multitude of reasons to take an interest in the Venezuelan crisis and to advocate for freedom in that country. There are plenty of reasons, but in my case, my main motivation lies in experience — for having been expelled from medical school and persecuted by the Maduro regime after I resisted the communist indoctrination at my university. At only 21 years old, I’ve already had a political career in one of the most hostile social environments in the Western Hemisphere.

All my life, except for the last three months that I’ve experienced the American market-driven economy, I’ve lived in the most unfortunate country for a free and individualistic soul to be in. This nefarious doctrine called Revolutionary Socialism has always had devastating consequences, beginning with the collapse of the economy. It eventually reaches into the very spirit of man. The more socialist a nation is, the greater the catastrophe it is capable of achieving.

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Trump Is No Hero for Calling Off the Iran Strike

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

Thursday night, President Trump made a monumental decision to call off a strike against Iran. After they shot down an American drone Monday, the president said that such a reaction was “not proportional” after learning it would lead to the deaths of around 150 people.

Without a doubt, Trump’s decision was a good one; not killing 150 people is radically better than killing 150 people. But this alone is a far cry from a heroic act and does not clean the blood that already stains his record.

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Trump’s Iran Escalation Makes Him Look Weak

Kevin Doremus | @k_doremus

President Donald Trump has placed himself in a situation that he cannot easily pull out. His strongman persona is under threat by his response to Iran’s decision to down a US drone. While Trump made the correct decision, the situation with Iran demonstrated weakness and indecision. The combination of tough talk and his hawkish advisers led the US towards a war no one wants.

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Will America Go to War with Iran Over a Drone?

Jack Parkos | @laissez_faire76

The tensions between Iran and The United States rose Thursday as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shot down an American military drone. Iran claims that the drone was invading on their national sovereignty, and shooting it down was a warning to the United States. General of the Revolutionary Guard Hossein Salami stated that Iran does not “want war with any country, but we are completely, and totally, ready and prepared…”

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