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Youtube Gun Vlogger Turns To Pornhub After Firearms Policy Update

The Free Market Takes & The Free Market Gives Back

Post Election Analysis and Exclusive Interview with Drew Miller

John Keller | United States Drew Miller, former candidate for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, spoke with 71Republic in this exclusive post-election interview. Drew Miller received 1,378 votes - more than the margin Conor Lamb won by. The GOP is pushing for a recount and many are criticizing Drew Miller for "handing the election" to Conor ...

Essentialism: The Mother of All Linear Thinking

Our gut tells us people, groups, and objects have essences. Our intuition is dead wrong.

Gavi Shapiro: A Republican Liberty-Lover We All Need

Gavi Shapiro is a successful entrepreneur in the tech industry and a lover of free markets, small government, and liberty.

No, Rights Do Not Come From Government

Your rights are natural, and a piece of paper can neither grant you them nor take them away.

Libertarian Political Activist Turned Congressional Candidate – Jeffrey Blunt

Jeffrey Blunt has been a political activist for Libertarianism since 1998.

Authoritarianism in the UK: Britain First Leaders Jailed For Hate Crimes

An Orwellian Nightmare Is Fueling The Rise Of Far-Right Groups Across Europe

“Time for a Change” – Peter Churchman for Congress

Churchman Is Running for the 17th Congressional District of Texas as a Libertarian.

Hooked on Freedom: Drug Abuse, Personal Responsibility, and Libertarianism

Why freedom must be coupled with individual moral responsibility

How Tariff Policies Inhibit Man’s Economic Power and Encourage His Political Idiocy

Trump Tariffs Echo Bush's Failed Policies From 20 Years Ago

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