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Soldiers blame the eichmann defense

The Eichmann Defense: Who to Blame for the State’s Killing

Does the famous Eichmann Defense of "just following orders" excuse anyone from blame for modern murders by the government?

Medical Marijuana and Rainbow

The U.S. Stance on Marijuana Is Contradictory

Though alcohol and opioids are both far more dangerous, the U.S. government lets those remain legal while criminalizing marijuana.

Supreme Court Levin Amendment

Pass Mark Levin’s Supreme Court Amendment

The Supreme Court has too much power in our current political climate, but the Levin Amendment would help restore checks and balances.

censorship free speech social media

The Social Media Censorship Problem, Solved

Ultimately, the questions of censorship and the right to free speech online all boil down to simple matters of property rights.

First Amendment

The American First Amendment: A Poem

A creative poem by 71 Republic's Nate Galt describing the true nature of free speech in our country.

Mexico border wall trump broken promise

Trump’s Border Wall is Another of his Broken Promises

The president has failed to obtain funding necessary for a border wall, adding another item to his list of broken promises.

President Obama speech single story counter-terrorism

Missing Morals: How a Single Story Leads Us Towards War

President Obama’s speech on counterterrorism strategy serves as a sinister example of how a single story can be used for the sake of harm.

NCAA men's basketball title ix duke

The Case Against Title IX in Athletics

Though Title IX was made with good intentions, the implementation has been poor, resulting in many popular men's sports teams being cut.

Libertarians Should Support Wisconsin’s Lame Duck Bill

The Wisconsin State Legislature is trying to weaken the powers of the state government, making it harder for the Democratic Governor-elect to make change.

The Tyrannical Nature of National Debt

The next generation will not have voted in their congressional representatives, yet will still have to deal with the debt crisis they are creating.