Illinois’ New Bittersweet Budget

How Republicans and Democrats came together to screw Illinois.



Illinois is the largely blue state with a Republican governor. Recently the governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner vetoed the new budget. This meant that Illinois had gone two years without a budget and was doomed a third. The reason this budget was vetoed was that of its massive tax hikes. In his 2014 gubernatorial campaign, Rauner promised to freeze property taxes and take a very conservative stance on the state debt. So it Should be no surprise that the budget was vetoed.

Illinois’ budget problems are long-standing and possess the potential to bankrupt the state. They have achieved the prestigious honor of being the first state to have their bonds lowered to the status of “junk bond” and the government has been crippled by decades of Madigan-Democrat policy. Such policies are not only unsustainable but are resulting in individuals leaving Illinois at an alarming rate. In 2016 they lost over 37,000 residents, making it the state with the most lost residents.


Why is this? Illinois is renowned for its highly corrupt politicians such as Rod Blagojevich, but to this day there are still corrupt politicians, who happen to be Democrats, infesting the levels of government.


Unfortunately for Illinois, the problem only appears to be getting worse.his was thanks to the magic hands of the Illinois speaker of the House, Michael Madigan. Madigan has stayed in power for thirty years, using all sorts of corrupt methods to get there. In truth, the passage of the budget was “bipartisanship” at its finest. Both parties coming together in the deal, which has been detrimental the people. In the last week house Democrats & Republicans attempted to raise property taxes by over 32%, which could push property owners out of Illinois at an exponential rate.


Governor Bruce Rauner, an avid fiscal conservative, vetoed the bill, but in a rare circumstance, Democrats and Republicans came together to override his veto. This ensures that the people of Illinois are forced to repair the problems that arose from the pet projects of the Democratic Party. What the state holds is uncertain, but the future is certainly dismal if the sinking ship is allowing the Democrats to captain it.


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