Perhaps Austin Petersen Should Take His Senatorial Campaign a Little More Seriously

By Colin Louis | USA

Austin Petersen is running for senate. Aside from the normal obstacles of running a campaign, he might have to face an issue distinct from the rest: the lack of seriousness in his campaign.

Although we have seen him in his more collected and policy focused forms, he can be a little un-senatorial. Three days after he announced his candidacy, he took to Instagram asking for “endorsement memes” with the caption of “Dank Memes/Live stream 2018 if elected; I promise one meme filled filibuster.”

First of all, this all could be in good fun. Some members of Congress have made jokes on the floor of Congress. Ted Cruz even once read Green Eggs and Ham during a filibuster.

On the other hand, this sort of lack of seriousness has become an issue in the libertarian movement, seeing as that several embarrassing moments have occurred in the recent years.

Another instance of this sort of behavior by Austin Petersen was an Instagram post he put up before announcing his candidacy for Senate. That cartoon depicted an anarcho-capitalist emoji asking people “how many layers of political violence are you on?” before it descended into Elmo using a “recreational nuke.” The content of the post seems like something a political teenager would post on Reddit or 4chan.

Doesn’t a U.S. Senatorial candidate have better things to do than pandering to 14-year-old Reddit users? In the eyes of a libertarian Austin Petersen is the perfect candidate, his views align with much of the libertarian ideology. Unfortunately, this is an area where he, and the libertarian movement, could use some work.


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