The Problem with Cook County Taxes

The controversial soda tax has raised more than a few problems


Colin Louis | ILLINOIS

Think you can tax your fiscal problems away? Think again. In Cook County, the combined sales tax (including the state sales tax) is 9%. In neighboring Lake County that tax is 7%. In the small town of Barrington, Illinois, a street divides the two counties. This street, Main Street, cuts through the center of town where most businesses are located. Businesses on the Lake County side are using this to their advantage. A local gas station even has a large sign outside with the words “no Cook County tax” meant to attract customers looking to save their hard earned money.

Cook County’s high taxes are hurting them. They are currently the fastest shrinking county in all of America. Reports from the U.S Census Bureau show that from July 2015 to July 2016, 66,244 people migrated to other areas of the nation. It is no secret that the high taxes in Cook County are a large issue. Many candidates for public office run campaigns on fighting tax hikes. However, even when these people are elected, they are forced to submit to the establishment and give in on tax issues or face stiff opposition to delivering on the rest of their promises. Taxes keep going up, people keep leaving or spending their money elsewhere and Cook County is still broke. It’s a vicious cycle.

The high sales tax isn’t the end of it though. Cook County politicians recently passed a tax on the purchase of soda and other sugary drinks. This beverage tax was with heavy criticism from fiscal conservatives, consumers, and business owners all concerned that higher taxes will only take money out of their pockets and add to Cook Counties migration problem. A group has organized to protest the tax. The “Can the Tax” movement is rapidly gaining support. However, while they’ve fought hard against the proposed tax its proven to be an uphill battle.

Colin Louis is an editorial writer and reporter for 71 Republic. He is an advocate for fiscal conservatism, less foreign war and aid, and fairer representation in Congress. You can follow him on Instagram, @the_libertarian_nationalist or on twitter @therealcolin62

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