Democrats won’t win the Senate back in 2018. Here’s why.

By Colin Louis | USA

Democrats won’t win the Senate back in 2018, not because they have unpopular views, but instead because of the seats that are up for reelection.

In 2018, 33 seats will be up for reelection, and the majority of these seats are held by Democrats. Some of the seats held by Democrats are sure to be flipped, such as Montana, North Dakota, and Indiana.

One of the only seats that has a high possibility of flipping red to blue is Nevada, for incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller had an approval rating of just 22% among his constituents after the vote on the AHCA. Heller currently faces primary opposition from trump supporter, Danny Tarkanian. His seat could easily go blue.

For other seats, however, it’s not likely. Hard Republican states like Wyoming, Texas, Nebraska, and Utah are up for election.

The liberal media has been pushing the idea that voters will betray their Republican congressmen in 2018 and elect a republican congress, this notion has been especially popular during the various number of special elections held over the last few months. A good example of this was the special election for Georgia’s sixth congressional district. The media hyped the election up so they could say that the Democrats would “make a comeback,” that simply won’t happen.

A fair prediction of the senate is that the Republicans gain many of the seats they lost in 2012, or that some voters do betray their Republican congressman but balance returns. A good example of the last scenario would be if Dean Heller lost reelection, but Montana flips Republican. In summary, the facts align that the Democrats will not win the senate back in 2018, the media might tell you otherwise, but it’s simply not true.


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