Al Jazeera’s Disturbing Support for Terrorism


Al Jazeera, the Qatari state media giant, has long been the subject of controversy for its support for various Palestinian terror organizations. However, the news outlet no longer lends its voice solely to Islamic terrorism, as it has found a new darling organization: Antifa. In recent months, Al Jazeera has published several articles in support of the group, whose actions have been labeled as “domestic terrorist violence”(1) by the Department of Homeland Security. Lest Al Jazeera lose all semblance of credibility, it must cease its vocal support of terror organizations both foreign and domestic.

Al Jazeera’s long-standing support of Palestinian terrorism is no secret. With headlines like “Palestinian Resistance Hits Israeli Army,”(2) “Israel Kills Two Resistance Fighters,”(3) and “Israel Assassinates Resistance Fighter,”(4) Al Jazeera has made it clear which side they support in the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. In fact, if one were to take them at face value, he or she would believe that Palestinian groups have been “abiding by international law in their resistance”(5) and that members of the IDF were simply “Israeli occupation forces.”(6) In addition, the network has given a platform to Hamas, echoing their complaints that their designation as a terror organization shows pro-Israel bias.(7) Their near-blind support for Palestinian terrorism and refusal to condemn terrorism is not the hallmark of an unbiased media organization

Their history of biased reporting has extended to America’s newest terror organization. Writers for Al Jazeera have described Antifa members as “citizens fighting fascism.”(8) In one opinion piece, Andrew Mitrovica bemoans the “hysterical assault on the Antifa by insisting that, in effect, [Antifa members’} ‘violent’ ‘law-breaking’ must be condemned, rather than applauded.”(9) Mitrovica is far from unique in his whole-hearted endorsement of political violence. In an article ominously titled “Trump’s America: Where Activists Face Felony Charges,”(10) Patrick Strickland makes the case that the American government is supporting fascism when it arrests Antifa members. The fact that the people arrested were in “militant left-wing” groups that initiated violence is seen as information of no consequence, and charges of felony assault and offenses related to rioting are just more evidence of the government’s biases against Antifa. Almost as disturbing as their knee-jerk biases and applause of violence is their use of terms such as “violent speech.”(11) This helps to establish an equivalency between mere words and physical force, because if speech can be “violent,” surely it can be met with violence- an unusual position for a media outlet. It is well past time for Al Jazeera to stop lending support to Antifa and its militant affiliates.

Al Jazeera’s support of violent “resistance” against the democratically elected governments of the United States and Israel is extremely disturbing. A good news source should be relatively unbiased, and it certainly should not endorse illegal organizations and their violent activity. The fact that they have no qualms about supporting organizations that will happily use violence against peaceable civilians and the militaries of democratic nations does not lend credence to their legitimacy as a news source. They would be wise to end their immoral support of terrorists across the world.

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