The Rand Paul Assault is Just the Beginning

By Jake Melkun | USA

The recent assault on Senator Rand Paul was not the last attack on liberty-minded or right-wing influential individuals in the near future.

This attack also hasn’t been the only attack on right-leaning figures in the past few years. If you remember back in June, Representative Steve Scalise was shot at a GOP baseball practice for their annual Congressional game. The attacker was a known leftist and a big Bernie supporter.

If you look at right-wing speakers at college campuses, supporters of the speaker and also even just people attempting to peacefully hear what they have to say are brutally attacked in the streets by left-wingers and organizations like Antifa. At UC Berkeley, there have been many fights in the streets between people where many end up being critically injured for peacefully protesting. In Charlottesville, Va. a woman died for peacefully protesting.

Even in recent history, you can see many examples of attempted assassinations of presidents and prominent politicians. Ronald Reagan was almost killed by gunshot and JFK was killed while in office.

Events like these- especially on prominent right-wingers- will not end. People will always end up using violent means to achieve their goals, and after the election of Donald Trump, many people on the left are very upset about his victory. Unfortunately, though,  people have ended up to resort to violent means in order to try and oust the right-wing from political prominence, and we can’t let it happen.