In Defense of the Trump Travel Ban

By Cornelius Whitewater |USA

On December 3rd, 2017 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Trump’s travel ban via a 7-2 decision. Naturally, the left decried the travel ban with a slew of empty accusations: It was racist, it was illegal, it was against what America stands for. Naturally, the left was wrong.

This ruling is a huge win for the Trump administration. As the left ramps up their witch hunt, aka the Russia investigation, maintaining campaign promises for the base is a must for the President. But more than that this ruling is a win for the American people. It will ensure safety and security, in addition to proving that Trump is who he says he is: a champion of the people, beholden to we the people. Now, let’s take a look at why the travel ban will be beneficial to America.

First, it sets a precedent against human rights abusers in Libya, Chad, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. Coming to America is a privilege, not a right. This privilege is given to those who exhibit characteristics in line with American values. Now, recently liberals have been outraged, and rightly so about modern-day slave auctions occurring in Libya. Rather than take the Hillary Clinton approach: bombing, murdering, and lying about it. Rather than partake in the very strategy that caused the instability in Libya that has rendered it without law and order, and caused the slave auctions in the first place, Trump has chosen a strategy of nonviolence. We will not, as the neocons and globalist would love, wage war on third world countries; we will instead send a clear message that America will not allow those who partake in such human rights abuses to enter our country. This goes for the other countries on this list as well. North Korea sentences any dissidents to life in concentration camps, Venezuela kills and beats peaceful protesters, Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and the other countries run rampant with terrorists who want to bring about the death of the American way of life. All of these countries rank horribly in terms of corruption, stability, and human rights abuses. President Trump, the businessman, is sending a clear message with this travel ban: we won’t be doing business with these countries.

Second, it exposes the fake news racket. Now, of course, the mainstream media (MSM) is reporting on this as a Muslim Ban. This is of course patently false. False in the sense that the ban only effects Muslim countries (since when did Venezuela and North Korea become Muslim?), and false in the sense that this ban targets Muslims in any way. This travel ban is not an assault on the Muslim faith but rather an assault on radical ideology hell-bent on destroying the American way of life. Communist countries like North Korea and Venezuela have repeatedly stated their desire to destroy America, North Korea I might add, with nuclear weapons. Where is this being reported? Other than 71Republic… nowhere. Additionally, the idea that this is an assault on Muslims is farcical. This is where the hypocrisy of the media is most easily exposed: The New York Times, CNN, Washington Post they all endorsed the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan that killed millions of more Muslims than the travel ban ever will. Now whether or not these wars were justified is another question for another time, but if the question being posed revolves around whether or not the travel ban is prejudiced, well I think MSM has more Muslim blood on their hands than Mr. Trump’s travel ban. At the end of the day, MSM doesn’t stand on principles or beliefs. They stand on views, ratings, and on attacking the everyday American people because they are all owned by the same anti-American Globalist racket.

Third, the travel ban will protect America. I’ll keep this one short and sweet because it is the most obvious. All of the countries on the travel ban harbor people who want to see American’s killed. I will not contend that for the most part, those seeking to travel to America from most of these countries seek to harm the American people. However, if even one slips through the cracks hundreds if not thousands of Americans could die. Now some countries harbor people who are more likely to engage in terrorism, or communism, or other ideologically motivated activities that would endanger the American people. Wouldn’t it be sensible to prohibit these people from coming to America and reeking havoc?

Of course it would. But the modern day left and MSM are not beholden to logic or common sense. The modern-day left and the MSM are angry. They are angry that they are out of tune with the American people. They are angry they were defeated fair and square and that their political correctness regime crumbled around them. They are angry that they as elites are losing their power. When the left and MSM is involved the truth is ever obfuscated. The anger about the Travel Ban has nothing to do with the ban itself, but everything to do with the levers of power.

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  1. And what about the people legitimately trying to escape from said terrible human rights violations what about them oh wait their Muslims so screw them

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