DeepBrain Chain: Artificial Intelligence On The Blockchain

By Spencer Kellogg | CHINA

In a crypto market flooded with new and bold ideas, DeepBrain Chain looks to be a first mover in the space of artificial intelligence on the blockchain. The industry is currently booming and by 2020 computer scientist’s predict that most new software will include some form of AI. The Shanghai-based DeepBrain Chain will distribute 10 billion nep-5 tokens on the NEO blockchain with the expressed intent of being a disruptor in the market as a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution in AI technology. The company introduced its cloud platform in May 2017 and already boasts a working product with over 100 manufacturers using the platform including Microsoft, Samsung, Siemens, and Lenovo. DeepBrain is currently touring the USA presenting their platform alongside NEO and their social media is growing at an impressive rate in recent weeks. With their initial coin offering scheduled for next week what sets $DBC apart from other cryptocurrencies and why should you consider investing?

The role of artificial intelligence in our lives increases day by day. With an aggregated marketcap already over 20 billion dollars, much of the money spent in AI today is on computational processing which DeepBrain Chain hopes to alleviate in cost and speed through blockchain technology. According to a study released by Narrative Science, 62% of enterprises will use AI technologies by 2018. With computers and machines developing at exponential rates, the role of AI in the day to day physical and philosophical functionality of our modern life continues to expand. Whether at the grocery store self-checkout or in the big data field of healthcare, the need for low-cost & secure artificial intelligence is clear. At its core, DBC is a data computation platform that seeks to disrupt a group of different industries including transportation, energy, manufacturing and financial services.

DeepBrain Chain is still relatively unknown in the West but their R&D team includes some of the strongest minds at the center of artificial intelligence in China. CMO ChuanFeng Lee was a lead designer on the “smart 360,” a Chinese voice assistant, that predated Amazon Echo by almost a year and garnered over 17 million unique users across the Asian continent. Their cloud platform offers more than 1,000 semantic language skills with a focus on childhood learning and other audio-based applications. In competition with over 30 other AI teams in China, DeepBrain Chain was awarded first prize in the enterprise sector at the SMP2017 Chinese man-machine dialogue event.

DBC features of a strong alliance with NEO (considered the “Ethereum of China”) and venture capital groups GSR and GOBI have put up a combined 5 million dollars in the pre-sale ICO. The hard cap for this project is set an appropriate 15 million dollars ensuring limited risk for investors with almost half of that being filled by private sale. The public ICO is set to begin next week and citizens of the United States and China will not be able to participate due to KYC regulations. However, with a major exchange confirmed for 2 weeks after the ICO, DeepBrain Chain appears a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an innovative and completely new type of project in the cryptocurrency market.

The market for artificial intelligence will only expand in the years to come. Recently we have seen such tech titans as Google pour money into their own artificial intelligence subsidiary DeepMind. The future is here and companies that can provide cheap and efficient options to maximize the power and strength of these new technologies will be among some of the most economically viable businesses in the history of humankind. Given their previous milestones of success (smart 360) and a realistic hard cap of 15 million dollars, I believe DeepBrain Chain is one of the best new opportunities in the cryptocurrency space! For more information on DeepBrain Chain, join their Telegram ( or view their website at DeepBrain Chain.


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