A Letter from the Editor: 71 Republic 1, Mainstream Media 0

71 Republic has been around for just over half a year. In that time we’ve been growing as a legitimate news organization; Max Bibeau’s reporting on the Maryland legislation that allowed police to enter houses without permits was a solid, original catch that brought in some good stats and made our brand look a bit more legitimate than it did before. We scored high in factual reporting according to Media Bias/Fact Check, and our writers have covered cryptocurrency astoundingly well, adding positive repute to our track record and making us more and more of a voice in the news world. All the more astounding when you remember this operation being run by people not yet old enough to vote. Getting this far in the news world is enough of an accomplishment — and we’re incredibly proud to have served our community up to this point. Forget about all of that, though. I’m going to sing praise towards our election coverage team, because with their recent accomplishment, 71 Republic is reaching astounding record highs in viewership, and us writers are going absolutely insane over the stats rolling in.

The Alabama Senate special elections concluded tonight, with Doug Jones pulling a surprise victory over Republican Roy Moore. We, of all people, can say this because we out-newsed the entire major media market. We called the election before Associated Press, before Politico, before CNN, before the entire field. All of them. 71 Republic, a relatively brick and mortar news organization, out-reported multi-million dollar organizations with entire professional teams dedicated in media centers to doing nothing but watching elections. This is a miracle right up there with anything Father Christmas could figure out. And because of this expert political analysis, 71 Republic is smashing every single old record for website views imaginable. Incredible. Wow.

I would like to personally congratulate Matt Geiger, Drew Zirkle, Spencer Kellogg, Harrison Lavelle, and Jake Melkun on literally the best piece of election coverage on the Internet all night. I can’t claim a lick of this success; this incredible team of writers and electioneers has pulled something sort of a miracle. Handshakes and bubbly around the roundtable. Only for one night, though; then we’ll get back to providing the same high-quality news 71 Republic patrons are used to.

Congratulations. Let’s keep going from here.

— Roman King, Senior Editor

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