California’s Murder of Gun Rights

By Austin Anderholt | CALIFORNIA

In the State of California, new gun laws are being added every year, infringing on your rights more and more.

California’s governor, Jerry Brown, has been a longtime advocate of heavy gun control laws. In July 2016 alone, Brown signed infringements into law that:

  1. Outlaw assault rifles with a feature known as a bullet button, which allows shooters to use a small tool to quickly change magazines.
  2. Mandate background checks when a gun is loaned to someone other than a close relative of the owner.
  3. Boost penalties for filing false reports of stolen guns, a measure targeting straw purchasers who buy weapons on behalf of people prohibited from doing so.
  4. Create regulations for ammunition, including requirements that ammo sellers get a license and that purchases be screened.
  5. Ban possession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds, requiring people who already own them to turn them into authorities.

It’s going to get a whole lot crazier this year, but before we look at that, let me remind you something: Gun laws do not work and every gun law is an infringement on the second amendment. Many leftists say things like “We should only have handguns! You don’t need an AR-15 to hunt!” Let me remind you that:

Handguns are the cause of the large majority of shootings.

AR-15s are a popular hunting rifle.

Even if the left wasn’t blatantly misinformed about guns, we are forgetting the reason that guns exist: To protect yourself from a tyrannical government. Our “tyrannical government” has access to weapons infinitely more powerful than AR-15s.

The same people who say “We don’t need guns because the government won’t become tyrannical” are the same people that say “Trump is a tyrannical Nazi who’s destroying our government.”

Private property security and rules are much more efficient than government security and regulations. Think about how often a public school shooting happens compared to a shooting at a highly guarded theme park or other private property. We shouldn’t be looking for the government to rule our lives. We should be looking at private businesses to step up their game on private security. It’s much better at stopping shootings than the government.

With these ideas in mind, let’s look at the outrageous new gun laws coming to the golden state in 2018:

They’re taking your assault rifles. California would like you to think that they want you to keep your assault rifles, but they’re cutting through every loophole to stop you from exercising your second amendment right: You can no longer legally buy an assault rifle, and you must register all of the ones you still have to the state. Remember the tyrannical government we talked about earlier? You now have to tell them which guns you have if you’re a California resident. These legal loopholes make me very weary because when governments have slowly infringed on its’ citizens’ rights in the past, it turned out very bad.

The term “Assault Rifle” now includes more guns than ever as California’s new definition of it is “California now defines an “assault weapon” as any semi-automatic, centerfire rifle or semi-automatic pistol that lacks a fixed magazine and has one of a number of features that include a protruding pistol grip or a folding or telescoping stock.” What will this outrageous definition include next?

According to On Jan. 1, it will be illegal to import into California ammunition purchased in another state. The legislature passed a bill in 2016 that would have allowed hunters to bring in up to 50 rounds from out of state without taking it to a dealer, but Proposition 63 overrode that, according to the Department of Justice.
In conclusion, the state of California is using a failed ideology of gun control to run its people. Government is never the answer. I predict crime rates in California to rise higher than expected, and it’s Governors’s approval rating to plummet, especially among the six million gun owners in California.


7 thoughts on “California’s Murder of Gun Rights”

  1. Its not easy being a Californian gun owner, when your fellow Californians, and politicians act against your common law/natural right to self defense.

  2. As those of us who can, leave, there are fewer 2nd Amendment supporters left to vote in support of our Constitution. This is a Constitutional level, and no state has the authority to infringe on our rights. Where is President Trump? Where is our Congress?. Is it not time for a federal pre-emption law, similar to state pre-emption laws that preclude local jurisdictions from passing laws passed at the state level?

  3. All these gun controls are doing is making people madder, turning good people into criminals, and driving people to civil disobedience.

    From My Cold Dead Hands… only after the ammo has run out and I can no longer swing my rifle like a baseball bat!

  4. Just another examples of a “Left-coast, Socialist Police-State…The definition of Authoritarianism!” Just as it is on “The Eastern Bloc Communist Police-States…More Definition of Authoritarianism…” How much is to much for We the people..? Where is the call to action to correct government incursions into the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights under the false pretense of Public Safety, and *regulating Liberty *?! Breaking the in the Name of the Law! When are We the people going to act..?

    1. While I agree, let us not forget that those states where the birth of rights and freedoms began are also infringing.

  5. Unless Kommiefornistan (what we in the Free States call California) puts Border Check Points at EVERY road and highway into the State to stop and illegally search vehicles for ammunition, how are they going to know if someone coming into the State has a trunk full of ammunition?

    1. We do have checkpoints on the major routes that were set up for plants since the primary economy of the state is agriculture. They don’t check every vehicle. They spot check every 3rd, 10th, 5th vehicle.

      The conditions in CA are getting worse with every socialist progressive piece of legislature. As the economy sinks, the people get angry. Then the economic impact on the people is compounded by new taxes which impact the middle class the worst, like the new gas tax. Moonbeam says that if you don’t like the new taxes… tough… live with it. He who has a state car and state paid gas, and state paid security detail.

      We are fast approaching, though not fast enough for me, the tipping point we had when Moonbeams father was governor and wrecked the state with his liberal agenda. The voters gave him the boot and elected Ronald Reagan, who brought the state out of debt without increased taxes, cutting back on programs, etc. All he did was get rid of economy killing regulations, let state positions be vacated by attrition and then not filled. In fact, taxes were actually reduced. The economy took off. We did lose some things like free education for everyone through the CA university system. Of course, people used to freebies got irate about that.

      As for guns, here in the rural state, even lefties like their guns. students from places like Berkeley are increasingly pro-gun, contrary to reports. My sheriff posted a letter on the SO web page that he will NOT enforce nor support any law which he considers to violate the 2nd Amendment. Nor will he support outsiders seeking to enforce such infringements. He said that, if necessary, he will deputize every pro-gun person in the county, and he approves of CCWs. Meanwhile, the county supervisors shelved a vote on “sanctuary”, saying they will not sign on to it.

      The tide is rising.

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